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absenteeism & truancy

Absenteeism & Truancy


This comprehensive guide takes a multi-tiered approach to addressing absenteeism and tr...

active participation dvd series, elementary level

Active Participation DVD Series, Elementary Level


Dr Anita Archer's DVD series will show you how to engage all students in your classroom...

active participation dvd series, secondary level

Active Participation DVD Series, Secondary Level


Dr Anita Archer's DVD series will show you how to engage all students in your classroom...




A small-group intervention for middle and high school students who are at risk for subs...

behavioral response to intervention

Behavioral Response to Intervention


A unique resource that provides an in-depth look at how to organise a continuum of supp...

bullying solutions

Bullying Solutions


A multitiered approach with universal procedures plus strategies for intervening with s...




An authoritative guide to classroom management, the CHAMPs book will systematically gui...

champs teacher planner

CHAMPS Teacher Planner


A practical, easy-to-use lesson planner that helps teachers stay on track with CHAMPS, ...

coaching champs

Coaching CHAMPS


Build a schoolwide program to implement proven, research-based classroom management pra...

early-stage interventions

Early-Stage Interventions


Simple, teacher-friendly interventions to address an individual student’s chronic mis...

explicit instruction posters

Explicit Instruction Posters


Help teachers remember to apply concepts of Explicit Instruction on a daily basis—mak...

explicit vocabulary instruction

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction


In these 4 DVDs (5.7 hours of training), Dr. Archer presents the essentials of explicit...

first step next coach's kit

First Step Next Coach's Kit


Evidence-based early intervention program for young children with challenging behaviour...



A six-module DVD program designed to guide school staff through the process of writing ...

functional behavior assessment of absenteeism and truancy (fbaat)

Functional Behavior Assessment of Absenteeism and Truancy...


This assessment and intervention system guides you to evidence-based interventions for ...

functional behavior assessment of bullying

Functional Behavior Assessment Of Bullying

A multitiered approach with universal procedures plus strategies for intervening with s...

golden principles of explicit instruction

Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction


Dr Anita Archer covers the big ideas in explicit instruction in these short video segme...




Plan & implement evidence-based, tiered strategies to increase motivation & improve beh...

leadership in behavior support

Leadership in Behavior Support


Sustain a safe, productive school environment that fosters growth, encourages responsib...

lonely kids in a connected world

Lonely Kids in a Connected World


Learn about childhood loneliness & ways to reduce or prevent its harmful effects with a...

meaningful work

Meaningful Work


This positive behaviour support helps students with a history of misbehaviour & school ...




A resource book for non-certified staff, providing information and training to effectiv...

pass - positive approach to student success

PASS - Positive Approach to Student Success


Comprehensive guide to design & implement a supportive program to serve students with s...

safe and civil schools

Safe and Civil Schools


A collection of practical materials designed to help school staff improve safety and ci...

school leader's guide to tackling attendance challenges

School Leader's Guide To Tackling Attendance Challenges


Build a strong classroom-based initiative to improve attendance of all students with ea...

smart kids



A curriculum for educators to help young children learn the skills they need to succeed...

social skills for the tough kid

Social Skills for the Tough Kid


A practical fun approach parents can use to teach eleven essential social skills.

start on time!

START on Time!


a comprehensive multimedia program to guide your school through the process of designin...

stepping in

Stepping In


A program for substitute teachers that enables them to develop and implement a proactiv...

structuring success for substitutes

Structuring Success for Substitutes


A companion to Stepping In that helps administrators and teachers support substitutes i...

superheroes social skills

Superheroes Social Skills


An evidence-based program that enhances the social competence of primary students with ...

systematic screening for behavior disorders (ssbd), 2nd ed

Systematic Screening For Behavior Disorders (SSBD), 2nd Ed


SSBD is a cost effective process for the systematic screening and identification of stu...

teach all, reach all for the secondary classroom

Teach All, Reach All for the Secondary Classroom


A must-have resource for teachers who want information about instructional design and d...

teach all, reach all grades k-8

Teach All, Reach All Grades K-8


An excellent resource, this book provides information about instructional design and de...

the teacher's encyclopedia of behavior management

The Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management


A comprehensive resource to help teachers & school counsellors improve student behaviou...

teacher's guide to tackling attendance challenges

Teacher's Guide To Tackling Attendance Challenges


Build a strong classroom-based initiative to improve attendance of all students with ea...

teacher’s encyclopedia tools

Teacher’s Encyclopedia Tools


This set of 50 blackline masters makes the 500 plans in The Teacher's Encyclopedia of B...

the third quest teacher’s materials

The Third Quest Teacher’s Materials


The Third Quest is a comprehensive vs. targeted intervention for adolescent struggling ...

the tough kid book

The Tough Kid Book


Proactive, positive techniques to manage and motivate Tough Kids for any educator who w...

the tough kid bully blocker shorts

The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts


A DVD that uses fast-hands animation to illustrate six skills for preventing and reduci...

the tough kid bully blockers book

The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Book


A positive, proactive, and comprehensive manual that classroom teachers and other schoo...

tough kid electronic home notes

Tough Kid Electronic Home Notes


Uses the Google platform to help teachers and behavioral interventionists design custom...

the tough kid new teacher book

The Tough Kid New Teacher Book


A practical, easy-to-use guide to help all new teachers manage student behaviour in eve...

the tough kid principal's briefcase

The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase


Invaluable for administrators who want to decrease inappropriate student behaviour and ...

the tough kid series

The Tough Kid Series

Practical, evidence-based strategies for dealing effectively with problems like aggress...

the tough kid social skills book

The Tough Kid Social Skills Book


A variety of tools and strategies to aid in implementing social skills programs for Tou...

the tough kid teachers & parents as partners

The Tough Kid Teachers & Parents as Partners


Outlines a collaborative approach to problem solving in which the teacher works with th...

the tough kid tool box

The Tough Kid Tool Box


Companion to The Tough Kid Book - ready-to-use, classroom-tested tools to help motivat...

Ancora Publishing

Ancora Publishing (formerly Pacific Northwest Publishing) believe strongly in the value of educational research and publish only materials that reflect and promote best practice. They do not publish books or programs that espouse fads or trends in education. Nor do they focus on the purely theoretical. Instead, they translate research into practice, offering practical strategies that educators can use today to effect positive change with students. Their resources are of the highest quality, practical, easy to use, and compatible with current research.

Silvereye distributes and stocks the full range of Ancora resources in Australia and New Zealand.

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