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100 learning games for special needs with music, movement, sounds and...silence
100 Learning Games for Special Needs with Music, Movement, Sounds and...Silence

Using music, dance, art, word games & breathing exercises, this book is packed with creative and enjoyable games that make learning fun.

101 playground games
101 Playground Games
$81.99 Our Price - $75.99

This comprehensive collection of active and engaging games for children provides clear instructions for adults on how to organise the games and is a resource that will make any playtime a richer experience for all.

101 wet playtime games & activities
101 Wet Playtime Games & Activities
$81.99 Our Price - $75.99

This book is inspiring, user friendly, and packed with activities, games and ideas that are easy to implement on wet days at school.

a-z collection of behaviour tales
A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales

Illustrated collection of behaviour tales offers story medicine as a creative strategy for parenting, teaching and counselling.

the accessible games book
The Accessible Games Book

Contains games specifically chosen or adapted for mixed groups including people with auditory or visual impairments, those in wheelchairs, and those with multiple disabilities.

art and design for children with sen
Art and Design for Children with SEN

A compilation of tried & tested themed lessons, designed to excite & involve children in developing their creative art skills

the autism playbook for teens
The Autism Playbook for Teens

This is the only book available for teens with autism that specifically integrates mindfulness skills and imaginative scripted role-playing activities for building authentic social experiences.

autplay therapy for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum
AutPlay Therapy for Children and Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum

A behavioural play-based treatment approach to working with children & adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.

autplay® therapy play and social skills groups
AutPlay® Therapy Play and Social Skills Groups

A step-by-step guide for implementing a social skills group to help children & adolescents with autism improve on their play and social skills deficits

building blocks for communication
Building Blocks for Communication

This practical book gives teachers lots of LEGO®/building block activities to help children improve communication skills.

can't play won't play
Can't Play Won't Play

Full of practical information, tips and hints to enable children with DCD to access and enjoy activities that other children take for granted.

child-centered play therapy workbook
Child-Centered Play Therapy Workbook

An engaging series of reflective & experiential activities to help develop competence in the child-centred approach.

dramatherapy and autism
Dramatherapy and Autism

Shows how dramatherapy can be life enhancing for those on the autism spectrum, with extensive examples from practice.

early childhood music therapy and autism spectrum disorder
Early Childhood Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Offers a comprehensive understanding of music therapy services for young children with ASD & families

get physical
Get Physical
$52.95 Our Price - $49.95

Designed as an inclusive Physical Education scheme, the materials in this unique programme provide focused support for those children with specific motor problems.

healing storytelling
Healing Storytelling
$59.99 Our Price - $38.99

Explores the secrets of what makes a good story and how to become a confident storyteller from scratch

integrating expressive arts and play therapy with children and adolescents
Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents
$94.95 Our Price - $89.95

Bridges the divide between play therapy & expressive arts therapy, so that therapists in each can integrate evidence-informed practices.

interactive play for children with autism
Interactive Play for Children with Autism

Invaluable resource for implementing strategies to develop interactive play in school, care settings & family home

jenny mosley's top 100 playground games
Jenny Mosley's Top 100 Playground Games
$44.95 Our Price - $43.95

This timely book is designed to help you teach exciting games that will encourage children's social and emotional development.

let them play
Let Them Play

This (un)curriculum is all about fostering children's play, trusting children as capable and engaged learners, and leaving behind boxed curriculums and prescribed activities.

mindful art therapy
Mindful Art Therapy

Introduces a foundation for mindful art therapy practice by providing a coherent framework bridging eastern & western traditions

music and autism speaking for ourselves
Music and Autism Speaking for Ourselves

A profound yet accessible exploration of how people make & experience music, & of why it matters to them that they do

music therapy
Music Therapy

This handbook provides an overview of music therapy as it applies to cognitive, communication, and social goals for children with autism.

play and friendship in inclusive autism education
Play and Friendship in Inclusive Autism Education

A framework with step-by-step guidance for supporting children with autism's development through play

play as therapy
Play as Therapy
$56.99 Our Price - $49.99

Play as Therapy provides background theory and practical applications of original research on play assessment and interventions used in therapy.

play better games
Play Better Games
$94.99 Our Price - $79.95

This book will help practitioners and parents to think about what might prohibit their children from joining in with games and plan effective strategies for support

play for children with special needs
Play for Children with Special Needs

Enables practitioners to appreciate the contribution that play makes to the education of all children, whether they have special needs or not.

play therapy
Play Therapy

This authoritative work brings together leading play therapists to describe state-of-the-art clinical approaches and applications.

play therapy basic training workbook
Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook

A manual for learning and living the child-centered play therapy philosophy for budding & seasoned play & child therapists

play therapy theories and perspectives
Play Therapy Theories and Perspectives

Explores the multitude of thoughts, theories, opinions, methods, and approaches to play therapy in order to highlight their unity & diversity

play-based interventions for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities
Play-Based Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities

Packed full of over 60 fun, engaging, and skill development focused play-based interventions

play-based interventions for childhood anxieties, fears, and phobias
Play-Based Interventions for Childhood Anxieties, Fears, and Phobias

Provides a toolkit of play therapy approaches & techniques for working with 3-12 year olds

play-based interventions for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders
Play-Based Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Explores the most recognised, researched, and practical methods for using play therapy with children diagnosed with ASDs and shows clinicians how to integrate these methods into their practices.

the playground is like the jungle
The Playground Is Like The Jungle

Encourages kids to take time to observe the behaviours and moods of others and to make wise and safer choices about play mates

positive playtimes, 2ed
Positive Playtimes, 2ed
$49.95 Our Price - $39.95

This practical book shows how to prevent unhappiness, disputes and problems at lunchtimes, and to create playtimes that will revolutionise the school ethos.

reaching the child with autism through art
Reaching the Child with Autism Through Art

Provides dozens of artistic activities (called “experiences") that will delight children with autism.

riddles in a jar
Riddles in a Jar

Kids love silly riddles. They can't get enough of them. Open this inviting jar to find wacky, puzzling, giggle-provoking riddles: 101 in all

see it, be it, write it
See It, Be It, Write It

Improve students' writing skills & boost assessment scores while adding arts education, creativity & fun to your writing curriculum.

special education resources for teachers, creative arts
Special Education Resources for Teachers, Creative Arts

This substantial volume has almost 200 pages of fully photocopiable material.

special games
Special Games

Suitable for all ages and abilities this book contains a wide variety of games that may be played in many different settings.

the stories within
The Stories Within

An innovative approach to developing inclusive story-making and drama with both children and adults.

story drama in the special needs classroom
Story Drama in the Special Needs Classroom

This book offers teachers simple theatrical techniques that enhance students' learning and encourage artistic expression.

teach me with pictures
Teach Me With Pictures

Fun & practical ideas to help motivate and extend communication and play skills in children with autism with the support of pictures

teaching asperger's students social skills through acting
Teaching Asperger's Students Social Skills Through Acting

Instructs anyone who has a sense of humour and the desire to give their kids "a healthy dose of self-esteem" how to utilise the dramatic arts to build social skills.

teaching music to students with special needs
Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs

Equips teachers with proven, research-based curricular strategies that are grounded in both best practice and current special education law.

teaching physical education to pupils with special needs
Teaching Physical Education to Pupils with Special Needs

Activities, games and adaptations developed to enable students with special needs to participate and compete whilst learning and consolidating new and existing skills.

teaching playskills
Teaching Playskills

This comprehensive and accessible manual encompasses the many aspects of play and how they can be incorporated into the lives of children with developmental delays.

treasure baskets and beyond
Treasure Baskets and Beyond
$47.95 Our Price - $39.95

Shows how kids derive rich & meaningful hands-on learning from sensory-rich objects and the wider application of sensory play.

using playful practice to communicate with special children
Using Playful Practice to Communicate with Special Children

This highly practical book explores the endless possibilities of using playful, creative & interactive activities to meaningfully engage with children with multiple learning issues or autistic spectrum disorders.