Early Intervention


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alternative approaches to assessing young children, 2ed
Alternative Approaches to Assessing Young Children, 2ed

Grounded in the most current research and best practices, this new edition will help educators capture the full picture of all young children's strengths and needs and provide them with appropriate, individualised instruction.

assessing young children in inclusive settings
Assessing Young Children in Inclusive Settings

An in-depth blueprint for high-quality assessment in today's age of inclusion, standards-based education, and accountability.

assessment of young children with special needs
Assessment of Young Children with Special Needs

Helps prepare teachers for the task of evaluating the skills of infants, toddlers & preschool children with developmental delays and those considered at risk to experience developmental delays or difficulties.

autism in the early years
Autism In The Early Years

This practical guide provides accessible material, support and advice for parents, teachers and professionals who are working together in an unfamiliar area following early diagnoses of autism in young children.

autistic spectrum disorders in the early years
Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Early Years
$31.25 Our Price - $29.95

Aimed at those working in early years settings, this book will also be helpful to parents of young children with an ASD.

babies with down syndrome
Babies With Down Syndrome
$35.00 Our Price - $29.95

This trustworthy guide has benefited thousands of families since it was first published in 1985. It incorporates the latest scientific, medical, educational research, and practical information available, as well as parents’ suggestions and feedback.

building early literacy and language skills
Building Early Literacy and Language Skills

More than 70 developmentally appropriate activities increase young children's phonological and print awareness and language usage while improving cognitive, communication, and self-help skills.

the carolina curriculum for infants and toddlers with special needs (ccitsn)
The Carolina Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs (CCITSN)

This jargon-free curriculum is an assessment and intervention program designed for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers with mild to severe special needs and is backed by more technical data than almost any other curriculum.

the carolina curriculum for preschoolers with special needs (ccpsn)
The Carolina Curriculum for PreSchoolers with Special Needs (CCPSN)

This jargon-free curriculum is an assessment and intervention program designed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with mild to severe special needs and is backed by more technical data than almost any other curriculum.

the cognitive, linguistic and social-communicative scales, 2ed
The Cognitive, Linguistic and Social-Communicative Scales, 2ed

The CLASS uses a parent interview format to assess development of basic language skills.

dyspraxia in the early years
Dyspraxia in the Early Years

Practical strategies to identify & understand movement difficulties, to support children & to work effectively with parents.

early actions pocket colorcards
Early Actions Pocket ColorCards

Imaginative and creative cards to develop verb vocabulary.

early childhood attention deficit disorders intervention manual
Early Childhood Attention Deficit Disorders Intervention Manual

2,000+ intervention strategies to help manage the 56 most common behavioural characteristics of ADHD children.

the early childhood behaviour intervention manual
The Early Childhood Behaviour Intervention Manual

A selection of proven interventions for the most common early childhood behaviour problems in schools

early communication skills
Early Communication Skills

Popular & widely used, this 3rd edition provides a source of fresh educational and therapeutic ideas for pre-school children.

early developmental milestones
Early Developmental Milestones
$51.95 Our Price - $49.95

Gives parents and all those working with children in grades PreK to 1st practical, step-by-step checklists which profile each child's achievements compared with other children in the same age group.

early intervention games
Early Intervention Games

A collection of fun, simple games for parents or teachers to help young children with ASD or other SPDs learn social and motor skills.

early language development
Early Language Development
$25.95 Our Price - $23.95

25 informational and activity-based handouts to help stimulate language development in young ones at home.

early objects pocket colorcards
Early Objects Pocket ColorCards

A fun way of developing a naming vocabulary through play.

early skills series
Early Skills Series
$195.65 Our Price - $180.75

A series of blackline masters which introduces and develops skills necessary during early school years.

early start denver model for young children with autism
Early Start Denver Model for Young Children with Autism

This state-of-the-art manual presents the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM): a comprehensive, empirically tested intervention approach specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers with autism.

facilitating early social communication skills
Facilitating Early Social Communication Skills
$152.49 Our Price - $149.95

Makes a major contribution to the training and support of young children on the autism spectrum, ages 3-5.

first step next coach's kit
First Step Next Coach's Kit
$846.50 Our Price - $799.00

Evidence-based early intervention program for young children with challenging behaviours: defiance, peer conflicts & disruptive behaviours.

in the beginning
In the Beginning

Provides a wealth of information on how the brain evolves, and how life’s experiences can dramatically shape the child.

jumpstarting communication skills in children with autism
Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism

Explains the Applied Verbal Behaviour approach and how it can help young children improve their expressive abilities.

kindergarten essential skills assessment (kesa)
Kindergarten Essential Skills Assessment (KESA)

Early identification & intervention for kindy children at risk for retention & special education referral.

language exercises for auditory processing preschool (leap-p)
Language Exercises for Auditory Processing Preschool (LEAP-P)

A collection of auditory processing activities designed specifically for preschool and kindergarten.

language strategies for little ones
Language Strategies for Little Ones

Target Audience: Grades K-1- Choice of three levels and all the lessons are high interest, relevant, literature-based, and motivating!

listening lessons for the early elementary classroom curriculum
Listening Lessons For The Early Elementary Classroom Curriculum

In the elementary school grades, children spend much of the day listening to information presented by the classroom teacher. By helping children to listen effectively, teachers can facilitate the development of strategies that will enhance learning.

multi-tiered systems of support for young children
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Young Children

Evidence-based planning book & video set, shows how to design, implement & monitor successful MTSS for children ages 3–5

number sense interventions
Number Sense Interventions

Help kindergartners at risk for math difficulties with these explicit, evidence-based interventions.

observing and developing schematic behaviour in young children
Observing and Developing Schematic Behaviour in Young Children

Explains schemas (stripping back technical language) how to interpret & extend schematic behaviour to benefit the child.

off to a good start book 1 - foundations for learning
Off to a Good Start Book 1 - Foundations for Learning
$49.95 Our Price - $46.50

learn ABA practices for teaching children the all-important foundational skills in motor, social-communication, cognitive, and self-care development.

off to a good start book 2, teaching programs
Off to a Good Start Book 2, Teaching Programs
$64.95 Our Price - $59.95

How to teach hundreds of essential skills using proven discrete-trial methods with prompts & reinforcement

play for children with special needs
Play for Children with Special Needs

Enables practitioners to appreciate the contribution that play makes to the education of all children, whether they have special needs or not.

practical solutions for educating young children with high-functioning autism and asperger syndrome
Practical Solutions for Educating Young Children with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome
$42.50 Our Price - $37.95

This much-needed resource helps parents and professionals address the challenges of early learners with high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome.

pre-school start
Pre-School Start

A comprehensive toolkit for delivering group interventions in order to support language and communication in schools.

preschool developmental guide
Preschool Developmental Guide

Includes IEP goals, objectives, and interventions for all 94 items on the PES-2: 0-35 Months rating form and all 85 items on the 36-72 Months rating form.

preschool evaluation scale complete kit
Preschool Evaluation Scale Complete Kit

The PES-2 provides educators, diagnosticians, paediatricians, and psychologists with a measure of child development from 0 through 72 months of age. The PES-2 helps with early identification of developmental delays and development of intervention plans.

rapid motor imitation antecedent (rmia) training manual, research edition
Rapid Motor Imitation Antecedent (RMIA) Training Manual, Research Edition

Rapid Motor Imitation Antecedent Training (RMIA) is one of the most promising interventions for helping young children say their first words.

ready, set, learn!
Ready, Set, Learn!

Provides a framework to help children with ASD increase school readiness: an important predictor of overall schooling success.

six steps to inclusive preschool curriculum
Six Steps to Inclusive Preschool Curriculum

This book is a powerful tool for using your existing curriculum to address each child's unique learning needs.

skillstreaming in early childhood
Skillstreaming in Early Childhood

This widely acclaimed approach developed by Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein and colleagues is now in large format with reproducible skill outlines, skill homework reports, and program forms CD.

skillstreaming in early childhood - complete school pack
Skillstreaming in Early Childhood - Complete School Pack

This widely acclaimed approach developed by Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein and colleagues is now in large format with reproducible skill outlines, skill homework reports, and program forms CD.

special needs in the early years, 3ed
Special Needs in the Early Years, 3ed

Popular book on how early years staff can effectively help identify & meet a range of special educational needs.

systematic screening for behavior disorders (ssbd), 2nd ed
Systematic Screening For Behavior Disorders (SSBD), 2nd Ed
$415.00 Our Price - $399.95

SSBD is a cost effective process for the systematic screening and identification of students who may be at risk for developing behaviour disorders.

toddler talk
Toddler Talk

This program is designed to provide parents with strategies for facilitating language development in young language-delayed children.

understanding autism in the early years
Understanding Autism in the Early Years

Provides in-depth information on diagnosis and advice on key aspects of early years practice for children with autism.

understanding how young children learn
Understanding How Young Children Learn

Explains new scientific discoveries that explain how young children learn and what teachers can do to use those findings to enhance classroom teaching.