Language Exercises for Auditory Processing Preschool (LEAP-P)

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Larry J Mattes, Patty R Schuchardt

  • Language Exercises for Auditory Processing Preschool (LEAP-P)

Age Range: 3 to 5
ISBN: 9781575030326

Here is a collection of auditory processing activities designed specifically for pre-school and kindergarten. The importance of working with parents and family members is emphasised. Many of the worksheet activities can be used for home practice. Skills emphasised include listening for words, following directions, listening for specific purposes, making simple comparisons, identifying similarities and differences, categorising, associating concepts, and answering questions about stories.

The book is divided into five sections:

  • Auditory Processing Workout. The activities in this section require the student to process auditory information as they follow instructions, answer questions, make comparisons, identify errors within statements, make inferences, use contextual information, and perform various other language tasks.
  • Look and Listen. Each lesson includes two pictures in which a vocabulary contrast is represented. The child is asked to listen to sentences and to point to the appropriate picture. The child is then asked to respond verbally to questions relating to the nouns and actions depicted in the pictures.
  • Story Fun. Short stories are presented orally and students are asked to respond to comprehension questions relating to the story content.
  • Animal Adventure Worksheets. Tasks are included in which children identify words from descriptions, listen for specific information, answer questions, "fix" sentences that contain incorrect information, and tell stories.
  • Fun with Moods and Feelings. Students are asked to listen to sentences and stories in which happy and sad feelings are expressed. Students identify the feelings expressed and fix statements that contain incorrect information about the story content.

The activities are excellent for children with communication disorders, attention deficits, or listening comprehension problems.