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Silvereye is the best place to find resources to help those with learning difficulties, special needs or emotional and behavioural challenges. For over 25 years, teachers, speech pathologists, counsellors, behaviour specialists, occupational therapists, and parents have relied on Silvereye's carefully curated and unmatched range.

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writing matters

Writing Matters

$113.00 Our Price - $104.95, Spiral Bound

Sets out a unique, research-based process to teach sentence writing, based on systematic, sequential, and structured grammar.

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101 activities to help children get on together

101 Activities to Help Children Get on Together

$48.50 Our Price - $39.95, Paperback

This extensive collection of activities will help teachers to develop a classroom that is a pleasant place to work, where relationships are valued and in which every child matters and is appreciated.

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tricky people

Tricky People

$26.95, Paperback

Andrew Fuller takes us on a voyage through a rogues's gallery of weird, nasty and not-so-loveable types and helps us understand relationship patterns, our own shortcomings in our dealings with others, and what a difficult person might be able to teach us.

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the impact of modern neuroscience on contemporary teaching

The Impact of Modern Neuroscience on Contemporary Teaching

$39.95, Paperback

Use advances in neuroscience to understand & manage dysfunctional behaviour as well as learning

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