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To positively impact the education of children and youth, particularly those with special needs and students at risk of school failure, by providing educators, professionals and parents with practical, affordable and theoretically sound products and service.

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bouncing back & coping with change

Bouncing Back & Coping with Change

$74.95, Softcover (inc CD)

Practical evidence-based strategies to teach young people to bounce back and keep going in the face of adversity.

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leading and managing a differentiated classroom

Leading And Managing A Differentiated Classroom

$46.95, Paperback

While most books on classroom management focus on keeping kids in their seats and giving good directions, here is a breakthrough guide that explains how to lead a class that is differentiated to individual students’ needs.

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coming soon - managing social anxiety in children & teenagers

COMING SOON - Managing Social Anxiety in Children & Teenagers

$74.95, Softcover (inc CD)

Creative & CBT-based techniques to overcome social anxiety. Practical with worksheets & exercises.

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the nine degrees of autism

The Nine Degrees of Autism

$41.99, Paperback

"I was rendered speechless by the profound effect it had on me ... the most awe-inspiring read you shall ever pick" Anita Lesko

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