Reading Assessment

assessing reading multiple measures 2nd ed
Assessing Reading Multiple Measures 2nd Ed
$87.50, Spiral Bound

These comprehensive assessments can help teachers identify why a student is having reading difficulty and determine what the next step in instruction should be to remediate that difficulty.

close reading of informational texts
Close Reading of Informational Texts
$55.99, Softcover

A roadmap for instruction and assessment of close reading skills in grades 3–8.

dibels deep

A diagnostic assessment that provides educators with specific information for developing instruction corresponding to each of the key basic early literacy skills.

dibels next

DIBELS Next measures are quick and efficient measures that indicate if a student is on track for reading success.

dibels next survey
DIBELS Next Survey

Survey is an advanced assessment, administered to students who have not reached benchmark goals.

dibels the practical manual
DIBELS The Practical Manual
$79.95, Softcover

This invaluable resource will tell you everything you need to know about administering and scoring DIBELS. An ideal how-to for teachers, school psychologists and reading specialists.

dogma level 1 kit
DOGMA Level 1 Kit
$272.00, Kit

A monitoring tool for reading: fluency, phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. Appropriate for students with dyslexia and other decoding disabilities.

the dyslexia assessment
The Dyslexia Assessment
$69.99, Softcover

A practical & comprehensive assessment tool for investigating reading, writing & spelling difficulties in learners. K-12 & higher ed

essentials of assessing, preventing, and overcoming reading difficulties
Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties
$89.95, Paperback

A practical, accessible, in-depth guide to reading assessment & intervention.

handbook of reading assessment, 2ed
Handbook of Reading Assessment, 2ed
$114.00, Paperback

Covers the wide range of reading assessments educators can use and understand to effectively assess and instruct their students.

informal prose inventory 3 in 1 bundle
Informal Prose Inventory 3 in 1 Bundle

These tests take about 20 minutes to conduct and give you information about a student's reading ability and strategies to decode and comprehend text.

informal prose inventory 3 in 1 ebook bundle
Informal Prose Inventory 3 in 1 eBook Bundle
$189.95, eBook

These tests of a person's reading ability can be loaded on all your school computers or your school server.

morris informal reading inventory
Morris Informal Reading Inventory
$89.00, Spiral Bound

In one concise volume, Darrell Morris provides a complete tool for assessing students' reading ability.

next steps in literacy instruction
Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction
$84.00, Softcover

Bridge the gap between literacy assessment and effective intervention with this must-have teaching guide for K-6 educators which directly links the indicators on today's popular assessments with proven interventions for struggling readers.

phonics based reading test
Phonics Based Reading Test
$242.95, Kit

The Phonics-Based Reading Test (PRT) offers a quick and meaningful evaluation of an individual's reading skills.

reading assessment
Reading Assessment
$86.95, Paperback

This inviting book will enable school psychologists, reading specialists, and learning disabilities specialists to conduct effective interdisciplinary remedial recommendations and interventions.

reading assessment in an rti framework
Reading Assessment in an RTI Framework
$56.99, Softcover

From leading experts, this indispensable resource presents a practical model for conducting reading assessments for screening, diagnosis, and progress monitoring.

waddington diagnostic reading and spelling tests, 3ed
Waddington Diagnostic Reading and Spelling Tests, 3ed
$98.95, eBook

Easy to administer & provides very detailed diagnostic information beyond a student's reading age. Appropriate for children with learning difficulties. Third edition with updated norms and additional tests for 11+ years.

word id
Word ID
$117.50 Our Price - $114.95 Spiral Bound

Easy-to-use formative assessments to identify students who need additional support in multisyllabic word identification to independently read & comprehend.