basic phonics concept charts
Basic Phonics Concept Charts

Concepts in small poster form for students’ ready reference printed on heavy tag in full colour.

catch-up readers from phonic books
Catch-up Readers from Phonic Books

Age appropriate, decodable, synthetic phonic reading books for older, struggling readers.

the complete phonic handbook
The Complete Phonic Handbook

An essential reference for all teachers responsible for the language development of young children. Presented in a format that will assist quick and easy reference.

dandelion readers
Dandelion Readers

A popular series of phonics based readers and workbooks for beginner readers aimed at children aged 4-7.

fun with phonics
Fun With Phonics
$187.80 Our Price - $179.95

Four workbooks by Violet & Katy Brand; each colour-coded to match existing Spelling Made Easy textbooks and worksheets.

making sense of phonics, 2ed
Making Sense of Phonics, 2ed

This bestselling book provides indispensable tools and strategies for explicit, systematic phonics instruction in K-3.

phonic crosswords
Phonic Crosswords

These crosswords blackline masters are suitable for use with individual students, with small groups or as a whole-class activity.

phonics at home
Phonics At Home

Low-effort, high-impact interventions to improve academic performance, raise standards of teaching & learning

phonics dice booster pack
Phonics Dice Booster Pack

Dozens of games and activities all in one great kit with 11 custom-made dice to enhance many language-based learning activities

phonics dice deluxe
Phonics Dice Deluxe
$111.50 Our Price - $107.95

Dozens of games and activities all in one great kit with 11 custom-made dice to enhance many language-based learning activities

phonics for pupils with special educational needs set
Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs Set

A complete, structured, multisensory programme for teaching reading and spelling, making it fun and accessible for all.

phonics handbook
Phonics Handbook

This practical book, set out in lesson plan format, is based on the wisdom gained from working with many students who have attended the author’s reading clinic.

phonics lotto game
Phonics Lotto Game

Brighten up your literacy lessons with this exciting lotto game. Ideal to teach children aged 5-7 or for older pupils with special needs.

phonix cvc groupwork set
Phonix CVC Groupwork Set

Phonics practice set of 90 colour-coded cubes and colourful laminated activity cards for word-building cards & alphabet sequencing

phonix phonics word-building cards pack of 48
Phonix Phonics Word-Building Cards Pack Of 48

This set of colourful laminated cards comprises 16 initial consonant clusters, 16 final consonant clusters and 16 medial vowels.

phonix phonics word-building mats
Phonix Phonics Word-Building Mats

These attractive laminated mats promote word-building skills and provide a focus for language development.

reading with phonics book 1
Reading with Phonics Book 1

A three-book series designed to reinforce students' phonemic awareness which presents sounds in two narratives, a simple text followed by a more difficult one, based around the same theme.

reading with phonics book 2
Reading with Phonics Book 2

reading with phonics book 3
Reading with Phonics Book 3

teaching reading and phonics to children with language and communication delay
Teaching Reading and Phonics to Children with Language and Communication Delay

Full of practical ideas to teach the first stages of reading & phonics to children with speech & language delay