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Reading Stars Complete Phonics Reading Pack, Phases 2 - 5: Set of 223 titles

$1929.05  Set
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  • Reading Stars Complete Phonics Reading Pack, Phases 2 - 5

Grade Readability: 1
Interest Age: 4 to 6
Reading Age: 4 to 6
ISBN: 9781785918704

Reading Stars Phonics Complete Pack Phases 2 - 5 contains a complete set of fully decodable phonics readers that offer progression on a week-by-week basis. The pack contains 223 individual titles closely aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 2 to 5.

Ransom's Reading Stars Phonics series offers:

  • 250 fully decodable phonics readers that offer progression on a week-by-week basis, Phases 1 to 5.
  • Fiction and non-fiction, as well as a variety of text types all supported by beautiful illustrations and photographs.
  • Diverse stories and characters that ensure that every child has the chance to 'find' themselves in the pages of the books.
  • The variety of books needed (easier, harder, longer, shorter) to cater for all abilities and attitudes.
  • An extended Phase 5 range of 96 books
  • Real and rewarding reading experiences - the limitations of decodable language do not get in the way of quality books that foster a love of reading.

This pack includes books to provide practice reading for each Phase, but does not include the 27 Phase 1 wordless titles for developing vocabulary. It also includes follow up books that provide a particular focus on certain letters and sounds for children that need extra practice. With this pack there are sufficient readers to ensure every child can keep up with the pace of the the school's phonics programme. Together these books offer a structured way of developing children's progression in reading.

Ransom Reading Stars Phonics are fully matched to a number of Systematic Synthetic Phonics programmes (SSPs) on the validated list supplied by the UK Government, including the SSP Unlocking Letters and Sounds.

Table of Contents

Phase 2 - 43 books

  • 27 Build titles
  • 16 Practice titles

Phase 3 - 45 books

  • 20 Build titles
  • 25 Practice titles

Phase 4 - 39 books

  • 16 Blend titles
  • 23 Blend Plus titles

Phase 5 - 96 books

  • 60 Build titles
  • 36 Practice titles
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img_8675Reading Stars Complete Phonics Reading Pack, Phases 2 -
Set of 223 titles
img_8835Reading Stars Phonics Phase 2 Complete Pack
Set of 43 titles
img_8837Reading Stars Phonics Phase 3 Complete Pack
Set of 45 titles
img_8836Reading Stars Phonics Phase 4 Complete Pack
Set of 39 titles
img_8838Reading Stars Phonics Phase 5 Complete Pack
Set of 96 titles