achieving speech & language targets
Achieving Speech & Language Targets
$83.99, Spiral Bound

A practical resource book for those who are working with children who have significant language delay and who are in their first year at school.

aligning ieps to academic standards for students with moderate and severe disabilities
Aligning IEPs to Academic Standards For Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities
$64.95 Our Price - $39.95 Paperback (inc CD)

Strategies for creating IEPs that align students' individual educational needs to academic standards

better iep meetings
Better IEP Meetings
$57.85, Paperback

This book provides guidance to both school personnel and parents about how to communicate more clearly, more efficiently, and more compassionately with each other in order to streamline the IEP meeting process.

creating a win-win iep for students with autism
Creating a Win-Win IEP for Students with Autism
$58.25, Paperback

Takes readers through the child-centred educational process from initial diagnosis to implementation and monitoring of students' individualized educational programs.

data without tears, 2ed
Data Without Tears, 2ed
$49.50, Paperback

Helps you make data-based decisions about the effectiveness of interventions and instructional strategies & communicate progress.

from gobbledygook to clearly written annual iep goals
From Gobbledygook to Clearly Written Annual IEP Goals
$44.95, Paperback

Writing clear, measurable annual IEP goals is a difficult skill to master. This book shows you how to simplify the process by focusing on just four ideas: observable behaviour, measurable criteria, a given or condition for success and a final test.

implementing ongoing transition plans for the iep
Implementing Ongoing Transition Plans for the IEP
$97.70, Softcover (inc CD)

In this book, McPartland responds to the very real problems of post education integration for those with special needs by diagramming a new approach to the assessment and instruction of students in an ongoing life skill and transition program.

writing measurable iep goals and objectives
Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives
$49.85, Paperback

Many special educators, teachers, and other professionals experience IEPs as burdensome legal documents, laboriously completed and quickly filed, with no intention of ever using them.