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Oral Language

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better conversations with communication disabilities

Better Conversations With Communication Disabilities


A practical resource for clinicians who wish to implement the Better Conversations appr...

board games for verbal reasoning

Board Games for Verbal Reasoning


Develop basic verbal reasoning skills using the colourful game boards in this kit. Each...

book of activities and games for expressive language

Book Of Activities and Games For Expressive Language


Games and thinking activities that can be used to strengthen language comprehension and...

the book of activities and strategies for improving communication skills

The Book of Activities and Strategies for Improving Commu...


Teach children the "basics" of effective communication using the activities and strateg...

book of games for oral language development (gold)

Book of Games for Oral Language Development (GOLD)


Stimulate the development of receptive and expressive language skills as children play ...

book of listening and oral vocabulary exercises (book of love)

Book of Listening and Oral Vocabulary Exercises (Book of ...


High-interest activities to develop auditory processing, vocabulary comprehension, and ...

building essential language life skills from a-z (bells)

Building Essential Language Life Skills from A-Z (BELLS)


Here is a book that provides opportunities for realistic oral language practice in a va...

building expressive language skills

Building Expressive Language Skills


The activities in this book can be used to develop proficiency in both structural & fun...

the chatterbugs manual

The Chatterbugs Manual


A practical, proven program to develop communication skills of attention and listening,...

classroom language activities for special students

Classroom Language Activities For Special Students


Activities to help children with language and learning difficulties improve vocabulary,...

classroom language activities for special students

Classroom Language Activities For Special Students


Build language skills as children learn about their community, environment, animals, pl...

communication at the heart of the school

Communication at the Heart of the School


Simple, practical approach for communication development in schools, with a specific fo...

communication, what does it mean to me?

Communication, What Does It Mean To Me?


This unique, user-friendly "Contract for Communication" features easy-to-follow 'agreem...

conversation express

Conversation Express


Expand oral communication skills as children create conversations and short stories for...

conversation train

Conversation Train


This inventive colour picture book uses the metaphor of a train to teach basic conventi...

curriculum for oral language development

Curriculum For Oral Language Development


This kit builds language skills that are relevant to academic curriculum standards. Hel...

developing baseline communication skills

Developing Baseline Communication Skills


A practical resource with games and activities aimed at fostering personal and social d...

developing receptive & expressive language skills in young learners

Developing Receptive & Expressive Language Skills in Youn...


Lessons for comprehending, choosing between oral answers, answering specific questions ...

developing vocabulary and oral language in young children

Developing Vocabulary and Oral Language in Young Children


This book provides everything you want to know about vocabulary for young children: as ...

expressive language rehabilitation resource

Expressive Language Rehabilitation Resource


This popular volume includes a variety of activities for stimulating oral expression in...

frontal lisp, lateral lisp

Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp


Traditional therapy with modern concepts of oral movement based on electropalatography ...

fun games for oral language development (fungold)

Fun Games for Oral Language Development (FUNGOLD)


Use fun game activities to teach basic language skills to children with delays in oral ...

gameboards for oral language development (gold)

Gameboards for Oral Language Development (GOLD)


Use these two sets of colourful boards to teach spatial concepts, question forms, prono...

the good communication pathway set

The Good Communication Pathway Set


A practical resource set packed with games, activities & exercises to help primary chil...

guidebook of objectives & activities for language skills (goals)

Guidebook of Objectives & Activities for Language Skills ...


Here is a guidebook that will help you select appropriate instructional objectives and ...

helping children find their voices

Helping Children Find Their Voices


Use independently or alongside the ‘Words Together’ storybooks to support children ...

integrated oral language - early years

Integrated Oral Language - Early Years


Students can continue to build their oral language abilities while having fun and relat...

integrated oral language - year 2

Integrated Oral Language - Year 2


Students can continue to build their oral language abilities while having fun and relat...

language development lessons for early childhood

Language Development Lessons for Early Childhood


Strengthen listening skills & provide methods to encourage young learners to answer que...

language for thinking

Language for Thinking


A structured resource to help educators & speech language therapists develop children's...

language kit for primary schools

Language Kit for Primary Schools


A comprehensive toolkit for delivering group interventions in order to support language...

language strategies for children

Language Strategies for Children


High-interest, curriculum-based lessons focusing on language comprehension, oral expres...

making good communicators

Making Good Communicators


Activities which promote the specific areas of communication that underpin all areas of...

motivate to communicate!

Motivate to Communicate!


A practical resource brimming with exciting ideas and guidance for motivating children ...

the oral language book

The Oral Language Book


Outlines strategies and ideas which will support teachers to include more quality learn...

pre-school start

Pre-School Start


A comprehensive toolkit for delivering group interventions in order to support language...

problem solving with harmon hippo

Problem Solving with Harmon Hippo


The picture cards, songs, and activities in this book and audio cassette can be used to...

stories for oral language development

Stories for Oral Language Development


Strengthen vocabulary, grammar, verbal reasoning, storytelling, and pragmatic language ...

story blasters

Story Blasters


Use the creative illustrations and story starters in this book to help students develop...

story magic

Story Magic


Promote language learning for children with oral communication deficits using Cinderell...

story stuff

Story Stuff


A resource book written by Australian speech pathologists to help children with difficu...

supporting children with dld combo

Supporting Children with DLD Combo


This set has been developed to help raise awareness of Developmental Language Disorder ...

talk with me

Talk With Me


A unique, evidence-based strategy that gives an approach to assessing & teaching conver...

talk with me!

Talk with Me!


Jumpstart early brain & language development while promoting imitation of gestures, sou...

teaching oral language

Teaching Oral Language


A comprehensive instructional book on building a firm foundation for learning by teachi...




A fun way to help students begin a conversation with a specific topic, ask/answer quest...

treasure trove auditory inferencing

Treasure Trove Auditory Inferencing


50 colourful photo cards to strengthen non-verbal receptive understanding, sentence c...

try to explain

Try To Explain


Use these fun picture cards and stories to develop verbal explanation skills such as ch...

understanding and using spoken language

Understanding and Using Spoken Language


A collection of original games & activities to help both mainstream children and those ...

words together set

Words Together Set


Guidebook & four colourful picture books, designed for parents & practitioners supporti...