Expressing Feelings

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5-point scale bundle5-Point Scale Bundleart therapy cards for childrenArt Therapy Cards for Children
blob feelings ballBlob Feelings Ballblob postersBlob Posters
blob tree postersBlob Tree Postersthe blob visual emotional thesaurusThe Blob Visual Emotional Thesaurus
a box full of feelingsA Box Full of Feelingscars r usCars R Us
cbt to help young people with asperger's syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) to understand and express affectionCBT to Help Young People with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to Understand and Express Affectioncircle time and learning about feelingsCircle Time and Learning About Feelings
circle time games & activities resources kitCircle Time Games & Activities Resources KitcolorcardsColorCards
colorcards emotionsColorCards Emotionscolorcards feelingsColorCards Feelings
creative activities for developing emotional intelligenceCreative Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligencecreative ways to help children manage big feelingsCreative Ways to Help Children Manage BIG Feelings
draw on your emotionsDraw On Your Emotionsdraw on your emotions book and the emotion cardsDraw On Your Emotions book and The Emotion Cards
draw on your relationshipsDraw On Your Relationshipsdraw on your relationships setDraw On Your Relationships Set
early years restorative practices visual script and cardsEarly Years Restorative Practices Visual Script and Cardsthe emotion cardsThe Emotion Cards
emotions & expressions colorcardsEmotions & Expressions Colorcardsemotions & expressions colorcards 2Emotions & Expressions Colorcards 2
emotions skill stripsEmotions Skill Stripsexploring feelings for young children with high-functioning autism or asperger's disorderExploring Feelings for Young Children with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's Disorder
family relationshipsFamily Relationshipsfeel brave teaching guideFeel Brave Teaching Guide
feelings and emotions double dice deckFeelings and Emotions Double Dice Deckfeelings cards for the early yearsFeelings Cards for the Early Years
feelings in a jarFeelings in a Jarfeelings playing cardsFeelings Playing Cards
flower garden feeling chartFlower Garden Feeling Chartforest of feelingsForest of Feelings
funky fish - feelingsFunky Fish - Feelingsgames and activities for exploring feelings with childrenGames and Activities for Exploring Feelings with Children
giant blob tree posterGiant Blob Tree Posterthe giving treeThe Giving Tree
grow happyGrow Happygrow strong!Grow Strong!
heart masters resilience cardsHeart Masters Resilience Cardsthe heart masters, junior primaryThe Heart Masters, Junior Primary
the heart masters, middle to senior primaryThe Heart Masters, Middle to Senior Primaryhelping children locked in rage or hateHelping Children Locked in Rage or Hate
how are they feeling? colorcardsHow Are They Feeling? ColorCardshow are you feeling today?How Are You Feeling Today?
how would you feel if... fun deckHow Would You Feel If... Fun Deckhow's teddy? pocket colorcardsHow's Teddy? Pocket ColorCards
how’s my world?How’s My World?i'm happy-sad todayI'm Happy-Sad Today
i'm like you, you're like meI'm Like You, You're Like Methe incredible 5-point scale, 2edThe Incredible 5-Point Scale, 2ed
the kangasThe Kangasthe koalasThe Koalas
let's make faces! have fun drawing different faces for different feelingsLet's Make Faces! Have Fun Drawing Different Faces for Different Feelingslet's share our feelingsLet's Share Our Feelings
magnetalk feelingsMagneTalk Feelingsmany moods and feelingsMany Moods and Feelings
master of mindfulnessMaster of Mindfulnessmore feelings in a jarMore Feelings in a Jar
my book full of feelingsMy Book Full of Feelingsthe ocd workbook for kidsThe OCD Workbook for Kids
photo feelings fun deckPhoto Feelings Fun Deckphoto feelings postersPhoto Feelings Posters
priscilla and the perfect stormPriscilla and the Perfect Stormsometimes i feel sadSometimes I Feel Sad
stones have feelings too!Stones Have Feelings Too!taking charge of my rainbow of emotionsTaking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions
talk around cards - familiesTalk Around Cards - Familiestherapeutic treasure deck of grounding, soothing, coping & regulating cardsTherapeutic Treasure Deck of Grounding, Soothing, Coping & Regulating Cards
therapeutic treasure deck of sentence completion and feelings cardsTherapeutic Treasure Deck of Sentence Completion and Feelings Cardstransforming stress for teensTransforming Stress for Teens
understanding emotionsUnderstanding Emotionsups and downsUps and Downs
visiting feelingsVisiting Feelingswebber photo cards emotionsWebber Photo Cards Emotions
what are they thinking? colorcardsWhat Are They Thinking? ColorCardswhat does happy look like?What Does Happy Look Like?
what to do when it's not fairWhat to Do When It's Not Fairwhen i'm feeling seriesWhen I'm Feeling Series
wilbur's book of feelingsWilbur's Book of Feelingswolf's colourful coatWolf's Colourful Coat
zero degrees of empathyZero Degrees of Empathy