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SLOW Your System: A body sensation focused method of self-regulation

$58.64  Spiral Bound (inc CD)
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Janette Richelia

  • SLOW Your System

50 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 11
ISBN: 9781739668327

The SLOW Your System approach is a body sensation focused method of self-regulation. Self-regulation is a life skill including the ability to control emotions, interact positively with others and demonstrate appropriate behaviour. Help students learn to recognise the body sensations they are experiencing and then try out strategies aimed at regulating those sensations.

The areas covered by the activities include:

  • All about emotions
  • What are my triggers?
  • Body sensations
  • Body scan self-reflection
  • Slow your thoughts
  • Slow your heart
  • Slow your breath
  • Slow your stomach
  • Slow your muscles
  • Slow your skin sensations

Each activity includes a script that acts as a guide for the facilitator and will prompt conversation.