Memory And Learning


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developing memory skills in the primary classroom
Developing Memory Skills in the Primary Classroom

A highly practical book with all the guidance & resources a school needs to boost pupils' working memory.

essentials of working memory assessment and intervention
Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention

Improve academic learning outcomes with accurate working memory assessment & evidence-based interventions

helping students remember
Helping Students Remember
$111.95 Our Price - $109.95

Practical, easy-to-implement, and evidence-based methods for working with children struggling with memory impairments.

how can i remember all that?
How Can I Remember All That?

Explains what is working memory is, what it feels like to have problems with your working memory, and what you can do about it.

how do i remember all that?
How Do I Remember All That?
$18.50 Our Price - $17.95

Braden starts to learn and practice strategies for improving his working memory!

how to teach so students remember, 2ed
How to Teach So Students Remember, 2ed

7 actionable steps to help students use what they've learned when they need it. Updated with recent research in memory & teaching

long term memory problems in children and adolescents
Long Term Memory Problems in Children and Adolescents
$103.95 Our Price - $99.95

Written for for psychologists, school psychologists and special education teachers, this book offers guidance on the assessment tools, intervention programs and effective instruction programs for use with students experiencing long-term memory impairments

magnetalk memory matching
MagneTalk Memory Matching

Help your students improve their memory, vocabulary & visual discrimination skills by matching real-photo pairs

memory and processing guide for neurodiverse learners
Memory and Processing Guide for Neurodiverse Learners

Provides theory on memory, processing & executive function, as well as handy revision strategies & techniques tailored to kids who think differently.

memory at work in the classroom
Memory At Work In The Classroom

Support learners with instruction that responds effectively to their memory struggles

the memory handbook
The Memory Handbook

This handbook is full of practical ideas to use with anyone, young or old, who is experiencing mild to severe memory difficulties.

my fantabulous brain
My Fantabulous Brain

Help children understand that everyone needs help sometimes, and that there are people who can give us the tools we need to make our brains stronger!

the new iq
The New IQ

From one of the world's leading authorities comes this easy read, to help you understand and improve working memory.

sequence meaning order
Sequence Meaning Order
$70.50 Our Price - $65.95

Help students improve communication as well as literacy skills.

short term memory difficulties in children
Short Term Memory Difficulties in Children

This practical resource provides a complete programme of ideas for developing a child's short-term memory skills.

stop talking, start influencing
Stop Talking, Start Influencing

Shows readers how to impart knowledge to others so that it sticks with and truly influences them.

sweller's cognitive load theory in action
Sweller's Cognitive Load Theory in Action

This practical guide summarises over 30 years of research in this field into clear & easily understandable terms

target ladders visual perception
Target Ladders Visual Perception

This powerful new book offers a system for setting and monitoring targets which can replace or complement IEPs.

target ladders working memory and auditory processing
Target Ladders Working Memory and Auditory Processing

Provides 'small steps' targets & helpful strategies based on 7 key aspects of challenge for children

think like a girl
Think Like A Girl

A world leading researcher, shows women how to lean into their differences, discover natural strengths, and leverage their greatest resource

understanding working memory
Understanding Working Memory

Spot problems early and work with children to improve their working memory and ensure they reach their full potential.

webber photo cards occupations, 2ed
Webber Photo Cards Occupations, 2ed
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

These card pairs are ideal for language or writing activities and for playing Memory, Match-up, Go Fish, and other games.

webber photo cards, around the home
Webber Photo Cards, Around the Home
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

This Webber Photo Cards deck has CARD PAIRS – ideal for Memory, Match-up, and Go Fish games.

webber photo cards, foods
Webber Photo Cards, Foods
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

This Webber Photo Cards deck has CARD PAIRS – ideal for memory, match-up, and go fish games

webber photo cards, things to wear
Webber Photo Cards, Things to Wear
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

This Webber Photo Cards deck has CARD PAIRS – ideal for memory, match-up, and go fish games.

webber photo cards, verbs
Webber Photo Cards, Verbs
$63.95 Our Price - $59.95

This best selling Webber Photo Cards deck has CARD PAIRS – ideal for memory, match-up, and go fish games.

working memory
Working Memory

Brings together in one volume, state-of-the-science chapters written by the most productive and well known working memory researchers

working memory
Working Memory

Leading psychologists review the latest research on working memory and consider what role it plays in development and over the life span

working memory activities
Working Memory Activities

A variety of highly engaging & inventive exercises that will help to improve your students' memory abilities.

working memory and academic learning
Working Memory and Academic Learning
$111.95 Our Price - $109.95

This book enables you to identify how working memory relates to academic attainment and how to apply this knowledge in professional practice.

working memory and clinical developmental disorders
Working Memory and Clinical Developmental Disorders

Summarises current theoretical understanding, methods of assessment & examines different intervention programs for working memory disorders.

working memory and learning
Working Memory and Learning

This accessible guide provides a coherent overview of the role played by working memory in learning during the school years, and uses theory to inform good practice.

working memory challenges
Working Memory Challenges

A new workbook on working memory activities written by an experienced, practising speech-language clinician, who works in schools.

working memory in the primary classroom
Working Memory in the Primary Classroom

This highly practical resource has been designed to support working memory and curriculum success in the primary classroom

working memory, thought, and action
Working Memory, Thought, and Action

From one of the pioneers in memory research this book discusses the developments that have occurred within the model in the past twenty years, and places it within a broader context.

worksheets don't grow dendrites
Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

Details twenty definitive brain-compatible techniques to maximise retention and minimise forgetting in learners of all ages.