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able, gifted and talented underachievers, 2nd edition
Able, Gifted and Talented Underachievers, 2nd Edition

This book explains the origins of underachievement, both overt and covert, especially in more able learners. It provides a model that identifies a range of external and internal factors that work in concert to lower achievement.

bright not broken
Bright Not Broken

A revolutionary book with proven alternatives for identifying & supporting Twice Exceptional children: often misdiagnosed & underachieving

challenging the gifted child
Challenging the Gifted Child

This book provides practical advice for working with advanced young readers and will be an ideal resource for anyone who has responsibility for educating a gifted child.

the cluster grouping handbook
The Cluster Grouping Handbook

Teacher-tested classroom strategies plus how to implement, sustain & evaluate schoolwide cluster grouping

coasting casey
Coasting Casey
$17.95 Our Price - $16.95

Bright but always in trouble, Casey finds a way to use his talents to turn underachievement upside down

developing the gifted and talented young learner
Developing the Gifted and Talented Young Learner

This book explores how educators can impact gifted young learners' beliefs about ability and suggests ways that staff can support young gifted children as they develop.

effective teaching in gifted education
Effective Teaching in Gifted Education

Leading international scholars in the field present an enlightening analysis of the practice of schools judged to be outstanding in their effective teaching of gifted and talented students.

english for gifted and talented students 11-18 years
English for Gifted and Talented Students 11-18 Years

By focusing on what excites and motivates all learners, this book provides you with a clear guide to ensuring sound provision for your gifted and talented students.

exploring giftedness and autism
Exploring Giftedness and Autism

Explores a differentiated curriculum with a combination of strategies for educating gifted children and autistic children

gifted and talented children 4-11
Gifted and Talented Children 4-11

Essential reading for all primary teachers and teaching assistants, this fascinating book is full of practical suggestions enabling you to recognise, understand, teach and develop activities for gifted children.

gifted intervention manual
Gifted Intervention Manual

Provides goals, objectives, and classroom instruction/intervention strategies for the enrichment of gifted and talented students in the regular classroom.

the gifted teen survival guide
The Gifted Teen Survival Guide
$30.95 Our Price - $28.95

Full of sage advice to helped gifted teenagers understand themselves, relate well with others & reach their potential in life.

how the gifted brain learns, 2ed
How the Gifted Brain Learns, 2ed

Identify, understand, and engage the full range of gifted learners with practical, brain-compatible classroom strategies.

interventions that work with special populations in gifted education
Interventions That Work with Special Populations in Gifted Education

focuses on social-emotional & cognitive needs of these students + templates for planning & goal setting

moving past perfect
Moving Past Perfect
$27.95 Our Price - $24.95

The 2nd edition of this groundbreaking book, explains perfectionism, where it comes from and what to do about it.

the power of self-advocacy for gifted learners
The Power of Self-Advocacy for Gifted Learners
$69.95 Our Price - $67.95

Research-based guide shows educators how to teach self-advocacy skills to gifted students in 4 essential steps.

the routledge international companion to gifted education
The Routledge International Companion to Gifted Education

A ground-breaking collection of fully-referenced chapters written by many of the most highly-respected authorities on the subject from around the world.

serving the gifted
Serving the Gifted

Designed for practitioners who work with the gifted, this volume is intended to serve as a practical and easy-to -use resource for working with gifted students, their teachers, and their parents and families.

social/emotional issues, underachievement, and counseling of gifted and talented students
Social/Emotional Issues, Underachievement, and Counseling of Gifted and Talented Students

The expert guide to the major issues and chief trends in studies of underachievement and affective needs of gifted students.

the survival guide for gifted kids
The Survival Guide for Gifted Kids
$24.50 Our Price - $23.95

Help gifted children in primary grades realise they’re not alone, they’re not weird & being smart is a bonus, not a burden

teaching able, gifted and talented children
Teaching Able, Gifted and Talented Children

Providing a clear and concise summary of an increasingly important area of educational provision, this book offers the right balance of theory and practical strategies.

teaching gifted children in today’s preschool and primary classrooms
Teaching Gifted Children in Today’s Preschool and Primary Classrooms
$69.95 Our Price - $64.95

Proven, practical early childhood teaching strategies help identify & differentiate for young gifted children

teaching gifted children with special educational needs
Teaching Gifted Children with Special Educational Needs

Provides evidence-based identification and support strategies for dual and multiple exceptionality (DME) children.

teaching gifted kids in today's classroom professional development multimedia package
Teaching Gifted Kids in Today's Classroom Professional Development Multimedia Package

A comprehensive mulitmedia professional development resource with proven, practical classroom strategies for meeting the needs of gifted learners

teaching gifted kids in today's classroom, 4ed
Teaching Gifted Kids In Today's Classroom, 4ed
$78.95 Our Price - $74.95

The definitive "orange bible" for meeting the learning needs of gifted students in the mixed-abilities classroom.

to be gifted and learning disabled
To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled

For many, the terms learning disabilities and giftedness are at the opposite ends of a learning spectrum.

twice exceptional
Twice Exceptional
$81.95 Our Price - $79.95

Cutting-edge, evidence-based approaches to creating an environment where twice-exceptional students can thrive.

twice-exceptional and special populations of gifted students
Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students

This book offers critical insights and promising practices designed to prevent high-potential, at-risk students from falling through the cracks.

twice-exceptional gifted children
Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children

Provides informed recommendations for improving screening, identification, and services for gifted students with disabilities.

understanding twice-exceptional learners
Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners

An in-depth look at the needs and lived experiences of students who are twice-exceptional

visual-spatial learners
Visual-Spatial Learners

Visual-spatial learners are students who show advanced abilities with computers, maps, construction toys, and puzzles.

what to do when good enough isn't good enough
What to do when Good Enough Isn't Good Enough
$19.50 Our Price - $17.95

Helps kids understand how perfectionism hurts them and how to free themselves.

when gifted kids don't have all the answers
When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers
$43.50 Our Price - $39.95

This book offers proven, practical suggestions for encouraging social and emotional growth among gifted, talented, and creative children and youth.

young gifted and bored
Young Gifted and Bored

Many gifted and talented children are bored and frustrated in the classroom. Many are not achieving their potential and talents are going unrecognised.