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Study Skills

are you working hard or hardly working?

Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working?


A story book about staying on task and maintaining balance between work and play.

the dyslexia, adhd, and dcd-friendly study skills guide

The Dyslexia, ADHD, and DCD-Friendly Study Skills Guide


Hands-on, activity-focused book packed full of templates & activity sheets, drawing on ...

effective study and learning

Effective Study and Learning


Guide to the issues & challenges commonly faced by children and young people when seeki...

effective study strategies for every classroom

Effective Study Strategies for Every Classroom


29 easy-to-follow lessons that can correct poor study habits & make learning easier, id...

get organized without losing it

Get Organized Without Losing It


Help kids to conquer clutter, prioritise tasks, master their devices, supercharge study...

how to do homework without throwing up

How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up


This updated classic provides specific tips for starting, doing & finishing homework, a...

see you later, procrastinator! (get it done)

See You Later, Procrastinator! (Get it Done)


Kids are notorious for putting things off: especially homework and chores! This book he...

study skilled…not!!!

Study Skilled…NOT!!!


Good study skills are not innate – they must be taught, when children learn the corre...

study skills & executive function book bundle

Study Skills & Executive Function Book Bundle


5 picture books that help kids with Studying, Test Taking, and Executive Function skills.

study skills for students in our schools

Study Skills For Students In Our Schools


Provide study skills mastery for students in elementary & secondary levels; provides te...

study skills for students with dyslexia

Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia


Full of advice on topics such as note taking, reading strategies and exam technique, th...

study skills for students with slcn

Study Skills for Students with SLCN


Highly practical resource for helping students who have Speech, Language & Communicatio...

study strategies made easy

Study Strategies Made Easy


Designed by leading educational specialists to teach valuable study skills to students ...

what do you really want?

What Do You Really Want?


Help teens take control of their goals and achieve what they really want with this upda...

work smarter, not harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder


Now with the latest research insights on achieving academic success effortlessly.