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3rd Edition

Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia: Support for Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs)

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Sandra Hargreaves, Jamie Crabb

  • Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia
  • Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia
    Full of advice on topics such as note taking, reading strategies and exam technique, this fully revised and updated new edition will motivate, inspire and guide you through your studies.

248 pages
ISBN: 9781473925137

Do you want to improve your study skills?

Packed full of advice on topics including note taking, essay writing, reading strategies and exam techniques, this fully revised and updated 3rd edition is an essential read for students with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) in further and higher education.

The guidance and tools provided will help you organise and plan your work, improve your skills and boost your confidence.

The new edition contains:

  • A new chapter on critical thinking
  • A new chapter on how to make the most of lectures
  • A fully editable online version of the book, so readers can access it in their preferred reading format
  • Fully updated IT and software references.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Sandra Hargreaves and Jamie Crabb

1: Managing Your Study - Jamie Crabb, Jane Davis & Sandra Hargreaves

2: Understanding how you Think and Learn - Jane Davis, Jo Easton and Sandra Hargreaves

3: How to make the most of your Lectures - Rachel Simpson

4: Note Taking and Note Making - Kay McEachran

5: Reading Strategies and Speed Reading - Rachel Simpson, Robert Mclaren, Peri Batliwala, Judith Cattermole

6: Answering Essay Questions - Sandra Hargreaves

7: Structuring Different Writing Genres - Helen Birkmyre

8: Critical Thinking - Pauline Sumner

9: Improving Your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation - Sandra Hargreaves and John Brennan

10: Improving Mathematics Skills and Using Statistics - John Brennan Judith Cattermole

11: Revision and Examination Techniques - Sandra Hargreaves, Jane Davis and Jo Easton,

12: Presentations and Collaborative Learning - Paula Baty

13: The Dissertation


References & Further Reading