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the big book of storysharing
The Big Book of Storysharing

Details a unique, innovative and highly effective approach to enabling the most severely disabled individuals to participate in telling their own stories.

busy babies describing cards
Busy Babies Describing Cards
$24.95 Our Price - $21.95

Your students will delight in improving their describing skills while playing cards with this deck of 28 baby pairs (56 cards)

communication & language activities
Communication & Language Activities

Over 150 fun, structured activities for children with speech, language & communication needs

comprehending descriptive language
Comprehending Descriptive Language

Expand student's vocabulary of descriptive words & recognize how important descriptive words are to language comprehension.

comprehending more complex auditory information
Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information
$63.95 Our Price - $57.50

Strengthen comprehension, memory of specific information, understand subtle messages & describe daily events

cool in school
Cool In School
$139.95 Our Price - $128.95

A receptive & expressive language game that uses 144 full-colour photos to teach basic & advanced communication skills for everyday school use

create-a-story language activities
Create-A-Story Language Activities

Help children develop oral language, reading, and writing skills as they build their own stories using the reproducible story pictures in this book.

define and describe double dice deck
Define And Describe Double Dice Deck
$33.50 Our Price - $32.95

A perfect supplement to help students needing assistance with describing items & forming complete, accurate definitions

descriptive language activity kit
Descriptive Language Activity Kit

This book helps students to use precise vocabulary and basic concepts related to size, colour, shape, quantify, and location.

early story starters in a jar
Early Story Starters in a Jar

Inspire and support young writers at home or at school. 101 jumpstarters for stories about people, places, animals, and more.

exercises for descriptive language
Exercises For Descriptive Language

Build expressive language skills using activities that challenge students to describe events, objects & situations clearly and precisely.

explain this!
Explain This!

Challenge your students to create original stories as they explain unusual, impossible situations.

expressive language and vocabulary intervention sourcebook (elvis)
Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook (ELVIS)

ELVIS is a comprehensive collection of resources that you can use to build vocabulary and expressive language skills in students with communication disorders or language-based learning difficulties.

expressive language photo cards
Expressive Language Photo Cards
$46.95 Our Price - $44.95

50 full photo cards with expressive language questions: excellent for providing basic expressive language skill practice

final consonant deletion stuff
Final Consonant Deletion Stuff

Targets the process of Final Consonant Deletion for all stops (p/b, t/d, k/g) and fricatives (s, sh, f). For speech pathologists.

first facts
First Facts

Helps children write topic sentences and guides them step by step through writing short descriptions and early reports.

imagination questions fun deck
Imagination Questions Fun Deck
$23.95 Our Price - $19.95

Help students improve their writing, storytelling, describing, and thinking skills. 56 colourful high-interest cards

jumpstart! storymaking
Jumpstart! Storymaking

Jumpstart! Storymaking is a collection of games and activities to develop the creative process of 'storymaking'.

language adventures for young children
Language Adventures For Young Children

This book includes picture stores, games, and worksheet activities that can be used in regular classrooms and special education programs to strengthen vocabulary, sentence structure, and descriptive language skills in children between 3 and 6 years of age

language lab
Language Lab
$579.00 Our Price - $482.95

Language LAB introduces systematic, research-based instruction to struggling primary students prior to making a special education referral.

magnetalk match-up adventure kit (with barrier)
MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit (with Barrier)
$208.95 Our Price - $158.95

This magnetic game targets a ton of language & listening skills. Perfect for following directions, giving directions, storytelling, improving vocabulary, and a whole lot more!

magnetalk match-up fantasy story adventures (with barrier)
MagneTalk Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures (with Barrier)
$216.95 Our Price - $184.95

This story-based magnetic barrier game, Fantasy Story Adventures, combines the enchantment of imaginary times and places with real-life literacy and reading skill building.

name that around the home category! fun deck
Name That Around the Home Category! Fun Deck
$25.95 Our Price - $19.95

Colourful cards improve categorising, describing & organisational skills using familiar objects around the home

nurturing narratives
Nurturing Narratives
$68.99 Our Price - $64.95

Developed as a story-based language intervention for children due to the importance of understanding & telling stories for all children

photo story starters quick take along
Photo Story Starters Quick Take Along
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

Contains thought-provoking photos and writing prompts to stimulate your students' imaginations!

pirate talk
Pirate Talk

This receptive & expressive language skills game reinforces 7 essential communication skills: sentence repetition, answering questions, following directions, categorising, inferencing, describing, social skills.

predict a story fun deck
Predict A Story Fun Deck
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

Photo story starters & question prompts help kids predict outcomes, identify cause & effect, & expand verbal narratives

spot what's different language cards, 2ed
Spot What's Different Language Cards, 2ed

Encourage a child’s observation, attention and expressive language development in response to ‘wh’ questions.

spot what's missing language cards, 2ed
Spot What's Missing Language Cards, 2ed

These language cards depict a variety of scenes encouraging a child's observation, attention & visual perception skills

stories for oral language development
Stories for Oral Language Development

Strengthen vocabulary, grammar, verbal reasoning, storytelling, and pragmatic language skills using high interest stories and activities.

story blaster picture cards
Story Blaster Picture Cards

Watch students blast off into original stories with the 52 picture cards in this set.

story blasters
Story Blasters

Use the creative illustrations and story starters in this book to help students develop storytelling skills and improve oral expression.

story blasters combo
Story Blasters Combo
$91.90 Our Price - $86.50

Use the creative illustrations and story starters in this book to help students develop storytelling skills and improve oral expression.

story construction
Story Construction

Help students develop skill in sequencing story information and in constructing their own stories using the high interest, reproducible activities in this book

story frames for teaching literacy
Story Frames for Teaching Literacy

A dynamic, engaging approach to help students understand, analyse and create stories, in order to master literacy skills

story magic
Story Magic

Promote language learning for children with oral communication deficits using Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Jack & the Beanstalk, etc.

story making combo
Story Making Combo

Watch language and literacy come together as you add these fun and functional activities to your lessons! Uses predictable, repetitive sentences from children's favorite literature to generate child-authored stories.

story prediction fun deck
Story Prediction Fun Deck

56 cards to improve students' ability to predict what will happen next. Students listen to or read a story and choose the answer

story starters fun deck
Story Starters Fun Deck
$24.95 Our Price - $22.95

This set of story starters cards is sure to get all of your students talking! Real photography blended with cartoon art creates an eye-catching combo. Cards are great for articulation, language, fluency, etc.

story starters in a jar
Story Starters in a Jar

Quick and easy writing prompts with strong kid appeal. 101 story starters encourage creative thinking and imaginative writing.

story steps
Story Steps

Story Steps takes all the great things from Story Stuff and adds more detail. Written by Australian speech pathologists.

story stuff
Story Stuff

A resource book written by Australian speech pathologists to help children with difficulties with oral and written narrative.


Share the joys and struggles of life in the most natural way possible—by sharing stories! A wonder-sparking set of 80 storytelling prompts.

storytelling and story-reading in early years
Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years

Gives professionals the skills to plan and run the best possible storytelling and reading sessions for children

talk about causes and consequences
Talk About Causes and Consequences

Help students use language to describe cause-effect relationships in situations depicted in cleverly illustrated and often humorous situations. Includes reproducible worksheets.

telling a story
Telling a Story
$56.00 Our Price - $54.95

Material to help students learn about stories, listen to and retell stories and to make up stories on their own.

webber photo cards describing fun with dogs and cats
Webber Photo Cards Describing Fun with Dogs and Cats
$25.50 Our Price - $23.95

Encourage students to learn conversational speech, improve descriptive language & writing.

what can you see colorcards
What Can You See ColorCards

Guess the hidden picture with this visual awareness game with large A4 ColorCards that encourage conversation skills.

what's being said? fun deck
What's Being Said? Fun Deck
$24.95 Our Price - $22.95

This flexible Fun Deck will help stimulate your students' expressive language and problem solving skills.

what's missing? colorcards
What's Missing? Colorcards
$62.99 Our Price - $59.99

48 fully-updated colour cards to promote observation, visual & auditory skills including the development of descriptive language