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StoryCards Verbs

$72.72  Cards
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Sue Duggleby, Ross Duggleby

  • StoryCards Verbs
  • StoryCards Verbs
    These cards & finger puppets help develop children's understanding of basic verbs, promote expressive language & encourage story retelling

48 pages
Interest Age: 4+
ISBN: 9780863884504

"StoryCards" take a new approach to learning basic language concepts by presenting the material in story form, which children find both interesting and enjoyable. Beautifully illustrated, "StoryCards" are a versatile resource to help to develop children's understanding of basic language concepts, to promote the use of expressive language and to encourage sequencing and retelling.

Use this pack to develop children's understanding of basic verbs. It features four stories:

  • "The Hungry Frog" (Rana the Frog): is, sit, jump, swim, fall, climb, see
  • "Muddy All Over" (Pongo the Hippo): like, say, go, wash, smell, pull, push
  • "Eric Sings All Night" (Eric the Sheep): sing, love, come, find, look at/for, sleep
  • "Hip, Hip, Hooray" (Oz the Ostrich): run, walk, play, kick, eat, drink, stand

Each verb is repeated several times in various situations to reinforce the child's understanding of its meaning. Finger puppets of the four central characters are excellent for 'doing' the actions in the stories, and the line illustrations on the reverse of each card provide a colouring activity for the child. As the child's understanding of the concept increases, expression using the verbs can be encouraged.

This pack can also be used to develop understanding of other concepts, including adjectives, opposites, prepositions and comparatives/superlatives, alongside the verbs. There are no words on the cards themselves; these are contained in the accompanying booklet, which has been translated into French, German and Spanish, making them ideal for the teaching of foreign languages. Intended for use alongside other more structured language resources, "StoryCards" will help to reinforce understanding of basic language and encourage generalisation.