Idioms, Ambiguity, Humour


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activities for mastering inferences
Activities for Mastering Inferences

Solve the “mystery of inferences" - it is merely a hint about what a person means without the person actually saying it

as far as words go
As Far As Words Go

Filled with creative, ready-to-use activities based on jokes & puns, this 7 unit activity book helps students learn how to decipher language ambiguities.

between the lines
Between the Lines
$61.00 Our Price - $59.95

Improve inferencing skills with this 189-page reproducible workbook. This workbook includes warm-ups, convenient answer keys, informal assessments, and bridging activities.

explain the meaning
Explain the Meaning
$67.95 Our Price - $64.95

The humorous A4 pictures and short stories in this book can be used to teach idioms or to help students improve their verbal explanation skills.

explain this!
Explain This!

Challenge your students to create original stories as they explain unusual, impossible situations.

expression connection
Expression Connection
$56.95 Our Price - $49.95

Teach idioms and other common expressions using teaching strategies that focus on experiencing, collecting, storing, and retrieving related information.

the expressionary
The Expressionary

An essential resource for students with language learning needs: includes definitions and sentence examples for over 10,000 expressions

favourite idioms
Favourite Idioms

36 cards humorously depicting well known idioms plus detailed booklet with dictionary meaning for each and a range of ideas & activities.

figurative language book
Figurative Language Book

Figurative Language helps adolescents and adults with communication or learning disabilities increase their understanding and production of six figurative language forms.

figurative language in a jar
Figurative Language in a Jar

Answer multiple-choice questions to explore the use of metaphors, similes, and idioms in these figurative language games.

figurative language photo cards
Figurative Language Photo Cards
$42.50 Our Price - $39.95

Learn 100 abstract expressions, a selection of appropriate targets to choose from with expressions embedded in context & photographic image.

idiom adventure cards
Idiom Adventure Cards

Use the sixty full-colour cards in this deck to teach common idiomatic expressions. Each card shows the literal meaning of an idiom.

idiom adventure stories
Idiom Adventure Stories

Individuals who interpret idiomatic expressions literally are likely to experience difficulty understanding much of the language that they hear during social interactions.

idiom adventure stories combo
Idiom Adventure Stories Combo
$68.90 Our Price - $62.50

Save money on this fun book and cards combo for teaching idiomatic expressions!

idioms & absurdities fun deck pack
Idioms & Absurdities Fun Deck Pack
$100.95 Our Price - $84.95

Students will have fun during language therapy with these kooky card Fun Decks for idioms, absurdities, silly sentences & wacky scenes

idioms double dice add-on deck with dice
Idioms Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice
$43.50 Our Price - $38.95

Help students learn idiomatic expressions and enhance understanding of figurative language, double dice included.

idioms double dice deck
Idioms Double Dice Deck
$33.50 Our Price - $32.95

A motivating way to assist students in learning idiomatic expressions and enhancing understanding of figurative language.

idioms fun deck
Idioms Fun Deck

Teach students phrases whose meaning cannot be deduced from the literal definition. Students match the idiom with its real meaning. 56 cards

inference activities
Inference Activities

Help your students with reading comprehension difficulties learn to infer in fiction and non-fiction text.

inferences double dice deck
Inferences Double Dice Deck
$33.50 Our Price - $32.95

Assists students in learning how to make logical inferences in their daily lives by interpreting visual and auditory information

inferences photo cards
Inferences Photo Cards
$40.95 Our Price - $39.95

A great tool for strengthening your students' ability to interpret visual and auditory information logically and accurately. 50 cards

inferencing quick take along book
Inferencing Quick Take Along Book
$24.95 Our Price - $19.75

This pocket-sized resource helps students improve their inferencing skills by responding to 520 prompts in 13 different categories.

inferencing skill strips
Inferencing Skill Strips
$72.95 Our Price - $61.95

120 double-sided cards (240 items) that address four skill areas across three levels of difficulty

introducing inference
Introducing Inference
$63.95 Our Price - $59.95

Demystify inference by identifying missing parts of objects identified, sequences with a missing picture, predicting & analysing outcomes

it's raining cats and dogs
It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Beautifully illustrates why people with Autism Spectrum Disorders have problems understanding common phrases & idioms.

just for laughs
Just for Laughs

These cards give students 100 jokes that include multiple meaning words, phrases, and sentences.

listening for absurdities fun deck
Listening for Absurdities Fun Deck
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

The mother hen took good care of her baby octopus. WHAT?! That's absurd!! Teach your students to listen for absurdities with this hilarious Fun Deck. 54 illustrated, wacky absurdities.

more favourite idioms
More Favourite Idioms

36 cards humorously depicting well known idioms plus detailed booklet with dictionary meaning for each and a range of ideas & activities.

the one and only sam
The One and Only Sam

Provides a fresh and fun approach to exploring common idioms for all children aged 5 to 8, as well as those with Asperger Syndrome and communication difficulties.

photo cards reasoning bundle
Photo Cards Reasoning Bundle
$124.40 Our Price - $114.95

Three packs of photo cards - Inferences, Social Inferences and Subtle Cues & Figurative Language.

photo understanding inferences and more!
Photo Understanding Inferences and More!

Engage students with photo cards of literal questions, inferential questions & expansion questions.

question challenge card game
Question Challenge Card Game
$118.95 Our Price - $99.95

An expressive and receptive language card game that targets social skills and reasoning.

the question challenge card game fun sheets
The Question Challenge Card Game Fun Sheets

Workbook with activities that reinforce students' expressive and receptive language skills in 10 areas that are necessary for effective communication and problem solving.

question challenge combo
Question Challenge Combo
$188.90 Our Price - $164.95

An expressive and receptive language card game that targets social skills and reasoning with fun sheets book.

read between the lines!
Read Between the Lines!
$67.95 Our Price - $48.95

Learning idioms is a piece of cake if you teach them in themes! 198 idioms in 10 different themes.

reading between the lines
Reading Between the Lines
$81.99 Our Price - $77.99

Developed by two highly regarded speech therapists, this resource helps students develop inferencing skills.

reading between the lines, set two
Reading Between the Lines, Set Two

Developed by two highly regarded speech therapists, this unique, easy-to-use resource helps students improve inference

riddles in a jar
Riddles in a Jar

Kids love silly riddles. They can't get enough of them. Open this inviting jar to find wacky, puzzling, giggle-provoking riddles: 101 in all

saying one thing meaning another
Saying One Thing Meaning Another

Saying One Thing, Meaning Another provides background information and materials necessary for educators to help individuals ages 10 through adult improve their understanding and use of ambiguous language.

speech corner photo cards
Speech Corner Photo Cards
$47.50 Our Price - $39.95

Each set of Speech Corner Photo Cards contains a collection of 50 double sided cards, each card has a full colour photograph on one side and the engaging activities on the reverse. The beautifully photographed images in each set are modern and relevant to

super silly sayings that are over your head
Super Silly Sayings That Are over Your Head
$31.50 Our Price - $29.95

Captivating and beautifully illustrated in full colour, this is a classic in the making, as well as a valuable resource for teaching figurative language.

talk about absurdities
Talk About Absurdities

Challenge students with language and learning disabilities to use precise vocabulary as they escribe absurdities in pictures, sentences, and short stories.

that's silly! fun deck
That's Silly! Fun Deck

Increase expressive and receptive language as children have fun matching these 26 pairs of silly sentences and correcting them.

webber inferencing big deck
Webber Inferencing BIG Deck
$83.95 Our Price - $74.95

This deck has 100 large photo cards each with six follow-up questions to help children improve their inferencing skills.

webber inferencing big deck combo
Webber Inferencing BIG Deck Combo
$168.90 Our Price - $139.95

Both deck 1 & deck 2 have 100 large photo cards each with six follow-up questions to help children improve their inferencing skills

what could be the reason…? fun deck
What Could Be the Reason…? Fun Deck

Presents picture cards to help student practice and build reasoning and inferencing skills.

what did you say? what do you mean?
What Did You Say? What Do You Mean?

With 100 of the most common figures of speech, this visual workbook is a springboard for family & classroom discussions.

what's wacky? language cards
What's Wacky? Language Cards

A pig vacuuming his pig pen or a dog mowing the lawn! Students will have fun during language therapy with these kooky cards.

what's wrong with this photo?
What's Wrong with This Photo?

Practice identifying absurdities, problem solving & storytelling with 56 funny photo cards of people & animals in wacky situations!