Idioms, Ambiguity, Humour


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activities for mastering inferencesActivities for Mastering Inferencesas far as words goAs Far As Words Go
between the linesBetween the Linescommon idioms photo cardsCommon Idioms Photo Cards
everyday idiomsEveryday Idiomsexplain the meaningExplain the Meaning
explain this!Explain This!expression connectionExpression Connection
the expressionaryThe Expressionaryfavourite idiomsFavourite Idioms
figurative language bookFigurative Language Bookfigurative language in a jarFigurative Language in a Jar
figurative language photo cardsFigurative Language Photo Cardsidiom adventure cardsIdiom Adventure Cards
idiom adventure storiesIdiom Adventure Storiesidiom adventure stories comboIdiom Adventure Stories Combo
idioms & absurdities fun deck packIdioms & Absurdities Fun Deck Packidioms double dice add-on deck with diceIdioms Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice
idioms double dice deckIdioms Double Dice Deckidioms fun deckIdioms Fun Deck
inference activitiesInference Activitiesinferences double dice deckInferences Double Dice Deck
inferences photo cardsInferences Photo Cardsinferencing quick take along bookInferencing Quick Take Along Book
inferencing skill stripsInferencing Skill Stripsintroducing inferenceIntroducing Inference
it's raining cats and dogsIt's Raining Cats and Dogsjust for laughsJust for Laughs
listening for absurdities fun deckListening for Absurdities Fun Deckmore favourite idiomsMore Favourite Idioms
the one and only samThe One and Only Samphoto cards reasoning bundlePhoto Cards Reasoning Bundle
photo understanding inferences and more!Photo Understanding Inferences and More!question challenge card gameQuestion Challenge Card Game
the question challenge card game fun sheetsThe Question Challenge Card Game Fun Sheetsquestion challenge comboQuestion Challenge Combo
read between the lines!Read Between the Lines!reading between the linesReading Between the Lines
reading between the lines, set twoReading Between the Lines, Set Tworiddles in a jarRiddles in a Jar
saying one thing meaning anotherSaying One Thing Meaning Anotherspeech corner photo cardsSpeech Corner Photo Cards
super silly sayings that are over your headSuper Silly Sayings That Are over Your Headtalk about absurditiesTalk About Absurdities
that's silly! fun deck That's Silly! Fun Deck webber inferencing big deckWebber Inferencing BIG Deck
webber inferencing big deck comboWebber Inferencing BIG Deck Combowhat could be the reason…? fun deckWhat Could Be the Reason…? Fun Deck
what did you say? what do you mean?What Did You Say? What Do You Mean?what's wacky? language cards What's Wacky? Language Cards
what's wrong with this photo?What's Wrong with This Photo?