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Problem-Solving Language

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150 what's wrong with this picture? scenes

150 What's Wrong With This Picture? Scenes


This book contains 150 reproducible scenes divided into three levels of difficulty. The...

adventures in pragmatic problem solving

Adventures in Pragmatic Problem Solving


The problem solving activities help students to verbalize solutions for problems, ident...




A fun, fast-paced card game to develop children's problem solving skills and social awa...

colorcards what's wrong?

ColorCards What's Wrong?


These lively and humorous images help with attention & observational skills, vocabulary...

communication & language activities

Communication & Language Activities


Over 150 fun, structured activities for children with speech, language & communication ...

comprehending and verbalizing visual clues

Comprehending and Verbalizing Visual Clues


Activities to help children observe clues that give a picture meaning and talk about ho...

donut dilemma – companion card bundle

Donut Dilemma – Companion Card Bundle


Language development cards to explore problematic decisions, consider consequences, and...

donut dilemma – what would you do?

Donut Dilemma – What Would You Do?


Language development cards to explore problematic decisions, consider consequences, and...

dot reasoning and problem solving

DOT Reasoning and Problem Solving


Assist students in thinking independently, reasoning logically, determining causes of e...

easy stories for problem solving

Easy Stories for Problem Solving


Help children learn to use language to solve common everyday problems with the activiti...

fun pictures pocket colorcards

Fun Pictures Pocket ColorCards


Based on the successful What's Wrong format, the fun element is the realisation that th...

how? fun deck

How? Fun Deck


Motivate your students to develop their reasoning, problem-solving, and sequencing skil...

if... then fun deck

If... Then Fun Deck


Allows students to practice logical thinking and problem solving skills. This fun deck ...

jeepers peepers

Jeepers Peepers


The Ask and Answer Question Game that builds questioning skills, describing skills, cat...

jeepers peepers add on set

Jeepers Peepers Add On Set


Use these 101 new Add-On Cards with your Jeepers Peepers game to expand your students' ...

let's predict fun deck

Let's Predict Fun Deck


It's time to look into the future and talk about what will happen… once the elephant...

photo if…then…fun deck

Photo If…Then…Fun Deck


Photo cards for students to practice logical thinking, cause and effect, and problem so...

predicting double dice add-on deck

Predicting Double Dice Add-On Deck


Tasks to help students consider their experiences & increase their knowledge of others'...

predicting double dice add-on deck with dice

Predicting Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice


Help students consider their experiences & increase their knowledge of others' thoughts...

problem solving activities

Problem Solving Activities


Designed to increase awareness of choosing specific solutions to problems and the long-...

problem solving double dice add-on deck with dice

Problem Solving Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice


Assists students to think logically, solve problems, recognising feelings associated wi...

problem solving double dice deck

Problem Solving Double Dice Deck


Assists students in learning how to think logically & solve problems, as well recognisi...

problem solving with harmon hippo

Problem Solving with Harmon Hippo


The picture cards, songs, and activities in this book and audio cassette can be used to...

problem-solving situations for adolescents

Problem-Solving Situations For Adolescents


Build language skills as students participate in problem solving activities relating to...

problem-solving situations for children

Problem-Solving Situations For Children


Ages 5 through 9. Help children use language to interact with others and solve problems...

situation communication

Situation Communication


The activities in this book help children with language disorders develop more effectiv...

solve the problem

Solve the Problem


Ask students to solve problems presented in short stories and picture cards. The activi...

understanding inferences fun deck

Understanding Inferences Fun Deck


Motivate students to boost reasoning skills with these colourful and clever illustratio...

verbal problem-solving in social situations

Verbal Problem-Solving in Social Situations


Practical activities that challenge students to describe how they would react in variou...

webber big box of what’s wrong with this picture? scenes

Webber BIG Box of What’s Wrong with This Picture? Scenes


Develop receptive and expressive language skills. Students circle and then explain what...

webber inferencing big deck 2

Webber Inferencing BIG Deck 2


This deck has 100 large photo cards each with six follow-up questions to help children ...

what's being said? fun deck

What's Being Said? Fun Deck


This flexible Fun Deck will help stimulate your students' expressive language and probl...

what's wrong with this photo?

What's Wrong with This Photo?


Practice identifying absurdities, problem solving & storytelling with 56 funny photo ca...

which one doesn't belong, why, double dice add-on deck with dice

Which One Doesn't Belong, Why, Double Dice Add-On Deck wi...


Work on: categorising skills, classifying skills, reasoning skills, comparing/contrasti...

which one doesn't belong, why, double dice deck

Which One Doesn't Belong, Why, Double Dice Deck


Perfect for students working on: categorizational skills, classifying skills, reasoning...

which one doesn't belong? why?

Which One Doesn't Belong? Why?


These incredible cards focus on common early categorical targets. Great photographs and...