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School Leadership

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Tested strategies for navigating the myriad rules & regulations while building positive...




Breakthrough presents a revolutionary new approach to educational reform, breaking away...




Illustrates how system & school leaders must come together to boost student achievement...

coaching classroom instruction

Coaching Classroom Instruction


Learn how to offer targeted feedback to teachers, empowering them to identify how they ...

coaching leadership

Coaching leadership


Jan Robertson is a world leader in the field of leadership coaching and this book draws...

distributed leadership matters

Distributed Leadership Matters


The old-fashioned top-down leadership style no longer works for today's schools. Distri...

driving school improvement

Driving School Improvement


While there are many books focused on school improvement, this book is a practical gem ...

engaging teachers in classroom walkthroughs

Engaging Teachers In Classroom Walkthroughs


A practical guide to planning and implementing brief but focused classroom observations...

ferocious warmth

Ferocious Warmth


Great leaders balance both results & relationships by providing a balance of high chall...

formative classroom walkthroughs

Formative Classroom Walkthroughs


Discover the true value of classroom walkthroughs when they are formative, not summativ...

from pushups to angel's wings

From Pushups to Angel's Wings


Tales of achievement, based on real-life teaching and administrative experiences with b...

handbook of leadership and administration for special education

Handbook of Leadership and Administration for Special Edu...


Integrates the knowledge bases of special education and educational leadership to impac...

international guide to student achievement

International Guide to Student Achievement


This guide simply provides the first-ever compendium of research that summarises what i...

leadership and learning

Leadership and Learning


Focuses on the relationship between leadership and learning for the education community.

leading for differentiation

Leading For Differentiation


Launch a system of professional learning, culture building & assessment to allow differ...

leading learning and teaching

Leading Learning and Teaching


Authoritative, in-depth examination of the field of instructional leadership built on e...

practitioners research for education

Practitioners Research for Education


Explains how the popular technique of practitioner inquiry can be used by teachers and ...

the principal 50

The Principal 50


Award-winning principal and best-selling author Baruti K. Kafele answers 50 vital quest...

the principal’s survival guide

The Principal’s Survival Guide


The collective wisdom of three experienced principals who know how to connect with kids...

professional capital

Professional Capital


Sets out a groundbreaking new agenda to transform the future of teaching and public edu...

professional learning communities by design

Professional Learning Communities by Design


This practical guide is focused on the intentional learning and actions of teachers who...

realizing the power of professional learning

Realizing the Power of Professional Learning


Develops an approach to professional learning that has motivated teachers and resulted ...

rethinking teacher supervision and evaluation, 2ed

Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation, 2ed


In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his bestselling book, education exper...

simply better

Simply Better


Draws on Marzano's research to identify key principles that work to help all students b...

social media for school leaders

Social Media for School Leaders


This important resource can help savvy school leaders shift their leadership strategy f...

student-centered leadership

Student-centered Leadership


Presents 5 dimensions of effective educational leadership that have the most pay-off fo...

uplifting leadership

Uplifting Leadership


Reveals how leaders from diverse organisations, including world-leading educational sys...

visible learning insights

Visible Learning Insights


This short & elegant introduction outlines just what is required to translate Hattie's ...

the way to inclusion

The Way to Inclusion


Step-by-step guide to the inclusivity change process with 7 milestones that will enable...

weaving evidence, inquiry and standards to build better schools

Weaving Evidence, Inquiry and Standards to Build Better S...


Presents sets of principles and practical suggestions to guide improvement efforts.

the wellbeing toolkit

The Wellbeing Toolkit


Promote wellbeing & resilience among all school staff, thereby improving retention & he...

working with boys

Working with Boys


Offers an in-depth analysis of the problems facing boys, and gives teachers the tools t...

your students, my students, our students

Your Students, My Students, Our Students


Explore 5 disruptions to the status quo necessary to realise the promise of inclusion a...