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216 fold & say wh questions

216 Fold & Say WH Questions


216 total picture booklets divided into twelve themes for students to practice their ex...

the 5ws photo cards

The 5Ws Photo Cards


These cards prompt students to answer the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when, and why after l...

all about you, all about me fun deck

All About You, All About Me Fun Deck


These questions and more will help your students sharpen their ability to ask and answe...

ask & answer wh bingo

Ask & Answer WH Bingo


Wow! It's the Who, What, When, Where, and Why Bingo Game! Students will have many amusi...

ask & answer wh fun sheets

Ask & Answer WH Fun Sheets


Illustrated activity pages reinforce the "who, what, where, when, and why" skills child...

ask and answer why cards

Ask And Answer Why Cards


These popular cards feature child-friendly art and easy to understand why questions.

asking good questions

Asking Good Questions


Auditory processing, visual observations & expressive language to strengthen essential ...

asking more specific questions

Asking More Specific Questions


Cartoon illustrations stimulate auditory comprehension of specific questions and inform...

asking questions double dice deck

Asking Questions Double Dice Deck


A motivating way for speech-language pathologists to prompt their students to use the f...

auditory memory for wh questions

Auditory Memory for WH Questions


These 56 imaginative, illustrated cards have a short story and five WH questions: who, ...

auditory memory for wh questions double dice add-on deck

Auditory Memory For WH Questions Double Dice Add-On Deck


Perfect for students working on answering questions, auditory memory, or basic comprehe...

balancing language burger

Balancing Language Burger


Perfect for students working on answering questions, auditory memory, or basic comprehe...

busy babies describing cards

Busy Babies Describing Cards


Your students will delight in improving their describing skills while playing cards wit...

cool in school

Cool In School


A receptive & expressive language game that uses 144 full-colour photos to teach basic ...

dot wh? questions

DOT WH? Questions


Reproducible workbook for answering basic wh-questions, progresses to answering more co...

easy questions for young listeners

Easy Questions for Young Listeners


Speech-language pathologists, teachers, and parents can work as a team in providing lan...

easy stories for language

Easy Stories for Language


These stories and activities are designed for children who have difficulty answering si...

jeepers peepers

Jeepers Peepers


The Ask and Answer Question Game that builds questioning skills, describing skills, cat...

jeepers peepers add on set

Jeepers Peepers Add On Set


Use these 101 new Add-On Cards with your Jeepers Peepers game to expand your students' ...

magnetalk wh questions combo

MagneTalk WH Questions Combo


Includes all five "WH" MagneTalk Board Games: Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

my little farm

My Little Farm


Hands-on, award-winning, multisensory, interactive, 3-dimensional felt toy created by a...

my little farm bingo

My Little Farm Bingo


Hands-on, an award-winning fun, interactive Bingo Game created by a speech pathologist ...

my little house

My Little House


Hands-on, award-winning, multisensory, interactive, 3-dimensional felt toy created by a...

my little zoo

My Little Zoo


Hands-on, award-winning, multisensory, interactive, 3-dimensional felt toy created by a...

photo occupations wh questions super fun deck

Photo Occupations WH Questions Super Fun Deck


Identify occupations and encourage expressive language with 120 cards each featuring fi...

photo verbs bingo

Photo Verbs Bingo


This photo packed set gves you numerous and innovative ways to help students master reg...

pirate talk

Pirate Talk


This receptive & expressive language skills game reinforces 7 essential communication s...

the question

The Question


200 thought-provoking questions, grade 5 to adult on topics like feelings, opinions, fa...

question quest

Question Quest


Teach children to ask and answer who, what, when, where, and why questions more effecti...

question shuffle fun deck

Question Shuffle Fun Deck


Uses WH questions to teach students parts of speech and appropriate grammatical structu...

ring talkers "wh" inference question cards

Ring Talkers "WH" Inference Question Cards


5 colourful card decks which give children clues and hints to answer "WH" questions




A fun way to help students begin a conversation with a specific topic, ask/answer quest...

webber auditory memory for short story scenes

Webber Auditory Memory for Short Story Scenes


Reinforce story comprehension and target answering “Wh” questions with 50 whimsical...

webber photo cards - wh questions

Webber Photo Cards - WH Questions


100 full-colour photo cards (4” x 6”) help students practice Receptive and Expressi...

webber photo cards, what are they thinking?

Webber Photo Cards, What Are They Thinking?


Contains 60 clever photos to improve your students' inferencing and reasoning skills. C...

webber wh questions interactive cd-rom, level 1

Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 1


This interactive CD-Rom provides your student with 375 questions and answers to help th...

webber wh questions interactive cd-rom, level 2

Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 2


Helps students practice and learn how to ask and answer "WH" Questions (Who, What, Wher...

wh chipper chat

WH Chipper Chat


Let's chat the "WH" way! Now you can take Chipper Chat fun and help students learn to p...

wh question card combo - ask & answer

WH Question Card Combo - Ask & Answer


5 card decks - Who/what/when/where/why questions: easy to understand, and kids of all a...

wh questions at home fun deck

WH Questions At Home Fun Deck


Help students improve expressive and receptive language skills as well as social skills...

wh questions in the community fun deck

WH Questions in the Community Fun Deck


Help students improve their understanding of different social situations & behaviours w...

wh questions quick take along book

WH Questions Quick Take Along Book


Teaches students of all ages to ask & answer who, what, when, where & why questions. 60...

what are they asking? fun deck

What Are They Asking? Fun Deck


56 cards which exercise creativity and reasoning abilities while encouraging conversati...

“wh” questions at school fun deck

“WH” Questions At School Fun Deck


Improve expressive, receptive and social language skills as students discuss situations...