Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 2: Story-Based Activities

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Mark Strait, Clint Johnson, Audrey Prince, Tawnia Lechner

  • Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 2

ISBN: 9781586506476

Webber Interactive "WH" Questions Level 2: Story-Based Activities helps students practice and learn how to ask and answer "WH" Questions (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) in stories. Students can also create and print a book about themselves.

This program has four lessons for WH instruction and practice:

  • Learn About "WH" Questions is a short tutorial that reviews the five types of "WH" questions.
  • Answer "WH" Questions in Stories provides practice listening to 25 short stories and answering "WH" questions that have two answer choices.
  • Build a Story provides practice listening to the same 25 stories and answering "WH" questions that have five answer choices.
  • Answering Personal "WH" Questions ("All About Me" Book) helps the student create and print his/her own book by answering personal "WH" questions that relate directly to the student.

Webber Interactive "WH" Questions allows the teacher to track and collect data for an unlimited number of students and increase difficulty levels by changing the program settings. Print student data reports to send home to parents, other teachers, or for your own records.