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Asking Good Questions

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Jean Gilliam DeGaetano

  • Asking Good Questions
  • Asking Good Questions
    Auditory processing, visual observations & expressive language to strengthen essential language skills & enhance vocabulary development.

60 pages
Age Range: 3 to 6
ISBN: 9781866143050

A reproducible language stimulation program consisting of 20 three-page story units. The material is designed to be used with children between the ages of three to six.

The purpose of the program is to show how asking meaningful questions can integrate auditory processing, visual observations and expressive language to strengthen essential language skills and to enhance vocabulary development.

The simple illustrations are representative of the endless source of pictures that can be found in coloring books and magazines. The simplicity of the pictures is intentional, showing how almost any picture can be used to stimulate learning if good questions are asked that will incorporate who, what, why, when, where, how, how many, same, different, etc. When used by professionals who routinely ask key questions, the unit provides the convenience of having the pictures and questions on hand and organised for their use.

When used for home practice, the material teaches parents the technique of asking good questions, a skill that can be used in all learning situations with their child. Several or all of the story units can be utilised to develop the habit of asking good questions. The end results should encourage parents to be more aware of how they communicate with their child and whether or not they are stimulating thinking skills, observation skills, auditory listening/comprehension and correct responses to specific questions.

Includes a letter to parents, with instructions for using the unit for home practice.