Easy Stories for Language

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Patty R Schuchardt

  • Easy Stories for Language
  • Easy Stories for Language
    These stories and activities are designed for children who have difficulty answering simple questions, focusing their attention, or describing a simple sequence of events.

153 pages
Age Range: 3 to 7
ISBN: 9781575030630

The stories and activities in this book are designed for children who experience difficulty answering simple questions, focusing attention, or describing a sequence of events. Stories relating to familiar situations such as going on a picnic, brushing teeth, riding a train, etc. are included. Each story is between 50 and 100 words in length. Questions are asked during the telling of the story and following completion of the story. Pronouns, present tense verbs, wh-questions, and basic concepts are emphasised. Short sentences are used in the stories.

The short stories are divided into two sections: (1) Everyday Activity Stories and (2) Sequencing Stories. Large pictures accompany the stories that can be used for colouring activities.

The lessons build listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and oral expression as students participate in motivating activities.

Examples of Story Titles

  • Sam and Linda Like to Draw
  • A Trip to the Beach
  • Dad's a Great Cook
  • Misha's Pet Dog
  • Mom trims the Bushes
  • A Birthday Surprise
  • Camping in the Woods
  • Buying New Shoes
  • Nancy Helps her Little Brother