Social And Emotional Learning


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100 ideas for primary teachers, supporting pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties100 Ideas for Primary Teachers, Supporting Pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties101 activities & ideas series101 Activities & Ideas Series
101 activities for empathy & awareness101 Activities for Empathy & Awareness101 activities for social & emotional resilience101 Activities for Social & Emotional Resilience
activities for building character and social-emotional learning setActivities for Building Character and Social-Emotional Learning Setactivities for building character and social-emotional learning, grades prek-kActivities for Building Character and Social-Emotional Learning, Grades PreK-K
activities for building character and social-emotional learning, grades 6-8Activities for Building Character and Social-Emotional Learning, Grades 6-8activities for building character and social-emotional learning, grades 3–5Activities for Building Character and Social-Emotional Learning, Grades 3–5
activities for building character and social-emotional learning, grades 1–2Activities for Building Character and Social-Emotional Learning, Grades 1–2activities to help young people setActivities to help Young People Set
adding assets setAdding Assets Setages & stages questionnaires social-emotional (asqse-2) starter kitAges & Stages Questionnaires Social-Emotional (ASQSE-2) Starter Kit
all learning is social and emotionalAll Learning Is Social And Emotionalan activity based approach to developing young children's social emotional competenceAn Activity Based Approach to Developing Young Children's Social Emotional Competence
the ant patrol complete poster seriesThe Ant Patrol Complete Poster Seriesthe ant patrol complete seriesThe Ant Patrol Complete Series
applying emotional intelligenceApplying Emotional Intelligencethe art of children's conversationThe Art of Children's Conversation
be the jellyfish training manualBe the Jellyfish Training Manualbeginners guide to circle timeBeginners Guide to Circle Time
boost emotional intelligence in studentsBoost Emotional Intelligence in Studentsbuilding positive thinking habitsBuilding Positive Thinking Habits
changing behaviour in schoolsChanging Behaviour in Schoolscircle solutions for student wellbeing, 3edCircle Solutions for Student Wellbeing, 3ed
circle time and learning about feelingsCircle Time and Learning About Feelingscircle time for junior primaryCircle Time for Junior Primary
circle time for the very young, 3edCircle Time for the Very Young, 3edcircle time for young children, 2edCircle Time for Young Children, 2ed
circle time games & activities resources kitCircle Time Games & Activities Resources Kitcircle time sessions for relaxation and imaginationCircle Time Sessions for Relaxation and Imagination
cognitive behavioural approach for secondary staff and studentsCognitive Behavioural Approach for Secondary Staff and Studentscolorcards feelingsColorCards Feelings
coloring book and reflections for social emotional learningColoring Book and Reflections for Social Emotional Learningcoming soon - herman jiggle, go to sleepCOMING SOON - Herman Jiggle, Go to Sleep
the communication toolkitThe Communication Toolkitcope cards for little kidsCope Cards for Little Kids
creative activities for developing emotional intelligenceCreative Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligencecreative circle time lessons for the early yearsCreative Circle Time Lessons for the Early Years
cyberspace issues discussion cardsCyberspace Issues Discussion Cardsdeveloping resilience with circle timeDeveloping Resilience with Circle Time
developing social and emotional skills in the early yearsDeveloping Social and Emotional Skills in the Early Yearsdingle duck emotional literacy cardsDingle Duck Emotional Literacy Cards
the emotional life of your brainThe Emotional Life of Your Brainemotional literacyEmotional Literacy
emotional problem solvingEmotional Problem Solvingemotional resilience storybook bundleEmotional Resilience Storybook Bundle
emotional wellbeing, 2edEmotional Wellbeing, 2edempathy is my superpowerEmpathy is my SuperPower
eq card gameEQ Card Gamefear factorFear Factor
the feelings art bookThe Feelings Art Bookfind out files - my angerFind Out Files - My Anger
find out files - my emotionsFind Out Files - My Emotionsfind out files - my fearsFind Out Files - My Fears
find out files - my siblingFind Out Files - My Siblingfind out files seriesFind Out Files Series
first steps to emotional literacyFirst Steps to Emotional Literacyfrom a to z with energy!From A to Z with Energy!
gentle hands and other sing-along songs for social-emotional learningGentle Hands and Other Sing-Along Songs for Social-Emotional Learningthe grab and go circle time kitThe Grab and Go Circle Time Kit
the great compromiseThe Great Compromisethe green-eyed goblinThe Green-Eyed Goblin
green-eyed gooseGreen-eyed Goosegrow gratefulGrow Grateful
heart masters coping cardsHeart Masters Coping Cardsthe heart masters, dreamers clubThe Heart Masters, Dreamers Club
the heart masters, junior primaryThe Heart Masters, Junior Primarythe heart masters, middle to senior primaryThe Heart Masters, Middle to Senior Primary
how to take the ache out of mistakesHow to Take the ACHE Out of Mistakesi belongI Belong
i calm downI Calm Downi feelI Feel
i helpI Helpi in integrityI in Integrity
i listenI Listeni playI Play
i shareI Sharei speak upI Speak Up
icebreakers in a jarIcebreakers In a Jarif winning isn't everything, why do i hate to lose?If Winning Isn't Everything, Why Do I Hate to Lose?
if winning isn't everything, why do i hate to lose? activity guideIf Winning Isn't Everything, Why Do I Hate to Lose? Activity Guideit's my way or the highwayIt's My Way or the Highway
jenny mosley's top 100 playground gamesJenny Mosley's Top 100 Playground Gamesjudgmental flowerJudgmental Flower
language for behaviour and emotionsLanguage for Behaviour and Emotionslanguage of perspective takingLanguage of Perspective Taking
the leader i'll be setThe Leader I'll Be Setlearning about me & you setLearning About Me & You Set
learning to get alongLearning To Get Alonglearning to get along - set of 15 booksLearning To Get Along - Set of 15 Books
learning to get along series with postersLearning To Get Along Series with Posterslulu and the hunger monsterLulu and the Hunger Monster
magic circlesMagic Circlesmaking meaningMaking Meaning
mediation and restoration in circle timeMediation and Restoration in Circle Timemind on the jobMind on the Job
mindful classroomsMindful Classroomsmindful schoolMindful School
motivational interview approach for secondary staff and studentsMotivational Interview Approach for Secondary Staff and Studentsname of the gameName of the Game
peer pressure gaugePeer Pressure Gaugeplay, learn, and enjoy!Play, Learn, And Enjoy!
positive behaviour and self esteem in secondary schoolsPositive Behaviour and Self Esteem in Secondary Schoolspositive thinkingPositive Thinking
problem postcardsProblem Postcardsquality circle time in the primary classroomQuality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom
quality circle time in the secondary school, 2edQuality Circle Time in the Secondary School, 2edthe resilience and wellbeing toolboxThe Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox
the resiliency skills handbookThe Resiliency Skills Handbookrhythm to recoveryRhythm to Recovery
rumor has it...Rumor Has & caring schools setSafe & Caring Schools Set
seeing redSeeing Redseeing through the eyes of anotherSeeing through the Eyes of Another
self careSelf Careset for successSet for Success
social & emotional competence board gameSocial & Emotional Competence Board Gamesocial and emotional learning in circle timeSocial and Emotional Learning in Circle Time
social and emotional learning in the classroomSocial and Emotional Learning in the Classroomsocial behavior and self-managementSocial Behavior and Self-Management
social emotional storiesSocial Emotional Storiessocial skill strategies (2nd ed)Social Skill Strategies (2nd Ed)
social skills learningSocial Skills Learningsocial skills role play cards setSocial Skills Role Play Cards Set
social skills role play cards, facial expressions & body languageSocial Skills Role Play Cards, Facial Expressions & Body Languagesocial skills role play cards, social situationsSocial Skills Role Play Cards, Social Situations
social skills role play cards, social situations for teenagersSocial Skills Role Play Cards, Social Situations for Teenagersthe social times curriculumThe Social Times Curriculum
social-emotional learning and the brainSocial-Emotional Learning and the Brainsolution focused approach for secondary staff and studentsSolution Focused Approach for Secondary Staff and Students
stay in lineStay in Linestop, think, actStop, Think, Act
strong start, grades k-2Strong Start, Grades K-2strong start, pre-kStrong Start, Pre-K
strong teens, grades 9-12Strong Teens, Grades 9-12talkabout for adultsTalkabout for Adults
talkabout for children packTalkabout for Children Packteaching mindfulness in schoolsTeaching Mindfulness in Schools
tell me more in a jarTell Me More In a Jarten essential books for preschoolersTen Essential Books for Preschoolers
ten essential books for toddlersTen Essential Books for Toddlersten more essential books for preschoolersTen More Essential Books for Preschoolers
ten more essential books for toddlersTen More Essential Books for Toddlerstherapeutic treasure box for working with children and adolescents with developmental traumaTherapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma
thinking, feeling, behaving 1-6Thinking, Feeling, Behaving 1-6thinking, feeling, behaving 7-12Thinking, Feeling, Behaving 7-12
tom, katie and friendsTom, Katie And Friendstoo old for this too young for that!Too Old For This Too Young For That!
turn your school roundTurn Your School Roundunderstanding and managing children’s behaviour through group work ages 7 - 11Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour through Group Work Ages 7 - 11
understanding and managing children’s behaviour through group work ages 5-7Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour through Group Work Ages 5-7understanding and tackling obesityUnderstanding and Tackling Obesity
understanding emotional developmentUnderstanding Emotional Developmentwalking in the shoes of anotherWalking in the Shoes of Another
what teachers need to know about social and emotional developmentWhat Teachers Need to Know About Social and Emotional Developmentwhat young children need to succeed a leader's guideWhat Young Children Need to Succeed A Leader's Guide
whats the buzz with teenagers?Whats the Buzz with Teenagers?the wiley-blackwell handbook of childhood social developmentThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development
window of hopeWindow of Hopewithout limits seriesWithout Limits Series