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The Great Compromise

$18.14  Paperback
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Julia Cook, Kyle Merriman

  • The Great Compromise
  • The Great Compromise
    Cora Jane knows exactly what she wants & often gets it! But can she learn to compromise with a classmate who challenges her?

32 pages
ISBN: 9781944882440

Cora June is very lucky – she knows exactly what she wants! And she often gets it! But when classmate Wilson challenges Cora June’s insistence on certain things, it’s time they learn how to compromise!

Cora June and her classmate, Wilson, are locked in a battle of wills. Each one desperately wants to be the ultimate decider. They scream at each other about whether to play dodge-ball or soccer at recess. They get into a tug of war over a Popsicle. Each wants to dictate where to go on the next class trip! Can these two opinionated, wanna-be leaders compromise or agree to anything?

With help from their teacher, Cora June and Wilson are introduced to different ways to compromise – and even encouraged to come up with some on their own! Using rhymes and relatable situations, this story offers valuable lessons about the power of compromise and why the best leaders are never afraid to negotiate.

Hilarious & relatable, The Great Compromise is the latest addition to the Leader I’ll Be series by award-winning author and education expert Julia Cook