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Circle Time

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beginners guide to circle time

Beginners Guide to Circle Time


A comprehensive and practical resource for teachers which provides explanations, instru...

circle solutions for student wellbeing

Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing


Sue Roffey's structured framework for social & emotional learning and a positive class ...

circle time and learning about feelings

Circle Time and Learning About Feelings


Circle Time creates a sense of belonging and friendly relationships among students and ...

circle time discussion cards - i wish... because...

Circle Time Discussion Cards - I wish... because...


30 Circle Time discussion cards to stimulate the imagination by suggesting different ex...

circle time discussion cards - if only...

Circle Time Discussion Cards - If Only...


30 Circle Time discussion cards each one showing a start to a sentence which is complet...

circle time discussion cards - let's pretend...

Circle Time Discussion Cards - Let's Pretend...


30 Circle Time discussion cards each showing an imaginary event or situation, many rela...

circle time discussion cards set

Circle Time Discussion Cards Set


3 packs of Circle Time discussion cards to get children talking while working on social...

circle time for the very young, 3ed

Circle Time for the Very Young, 3ed


Has been used by teachers and practitioners alike for the last ten years! Now in its th...

circle time for young children

Circle Time for Young Children


An invaluable and fun tool for developing young children's understanding of their feeli...

circle time games and activities book

Circle Time Games and Activities Book


This is a valuable book for Circle Time practitioners whether they are just beginning o...

circle time sessions for relaxation and imagination

Circle Time Sessions for Relaxation and Imagination


Using the popular technique of Circle Time, this book provides a range of exercises to ...

creative circle time lessons for the early years

Creative Circle Time Lessons for the Early Years


This creative book uses music, song, poetry and a host of practical activities to engag...

forest of feelings

Forest of Feelings


A fantastically illustrated and enchanting story about Ben’s quest to save a forest, ...

magic circles

Magic Circles


Provides both the theoretical underpinnings and practical advice you need to help raise...

mediation and restoration in circle time

Mediation and Restoration in Circle Time


Include restorative justice & mediation in circle time to help increase participation &...

positive behaviour and self esteem in secondary schools

Positive Behaviour and Self Esteem in Secondary Schools


Leading expert on Circle Time, Jenny Mosley, has thoroughly revised her classic book on...

positive thinking

Positive Thinking


A comprehensive approach to help young people maintain self-esteem & wellbeing

problem postcards

Problem Postcards


A 14-session programme to assist young people who are disaffected and difficult, and co...

quality circle time in the secondary school, 2ed

Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School, 2ed


Fully revised and updated, the authors offer over 100 activities and practical strategi...

social and emotional learning in circle time

Social and Emotional Learning in Circle Time


Teach kids how to get along with one another, feel confident in themselves, respond to ...

stop, think, act

Stop, Think, Act


Everything you need to know about using self-regulation principles during circle time, ...

turn your school round

Turn Your School Round


Jenny Mosley's Circle Time sessions give you a positive way to end bullying, create an ...

Circle Time

Circle Time is a group oriented way of learning that is based on core values, has rules and uses a method (pedagogy), The values include mutual respect, equal opportunity and inclusiveness. These values are reflected in the rules and the method. It is the method that differentiates Circle Time from other ways of a group sitting in a circle together. The method is a collection of teaching strategies that ensure that all students have equal opportunities within the circle.

Circle Time is an effective way of teaching Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Education, as well as being a method that promotes safety, inclusiveness, fun, team work and deep thinking. Circle Time can have a profound impact on the ethos of a school, through enhanced inter and intra personal skills and improved emotional wellbeing of pupils.

The Circle Time approach has been adopted very widely in the UK and is increasingly popular in schools across Australia and New Zealand.