Non-Verbal Communication

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beyond words
Beyond Words
$44.50, Paperback

Being able to understand non-verbal communication is essential for successful social interactions

body language & gestures double dice add-on deck with dice
Body Language & Gestures Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice
$45.65 Our Price - $38.95 Cards

Help develop ability to interpret & react to common nonverbal messages & body movements with dice.

body language & gestures double dice deck
Body Language & Gestures Double Dice Deck
$38.95 Our Price - $32.95 Cards

Use to help develop ability to interpret and react to common nonverbal messages and body movements.

book of picture symbols for everyday communication
Book of Picture Symbols for Everyday Communication
$89.95, Spiral Bound

Construct communication boards using a comprehensive collection of over 3,000 symbols from the Library of International Picture Symbols (LIPS).

the classroom and communication skills program
The Classroom and Communication Skills Program
$39.95, Softcover

This program is brimming with effective ways to facilitate the learning of young children who are non-verbal/limited verbal and not table ready in a public school setting.


Best selling series of flashcard box sets that contain inspiring, professional materials designed to help develop both language & social skills.

colorcards prepositions 2ed
ColorCards Prepositions 2ed
$65.99, Cards

The updated cards are great for building pre-language concepts, developing verbal comprehension & expanding expressive language.

communicating partners
Communicating Partners
$49.99, Paperback

Drawn from over 30 years clinical practice and research this book offers an innovative approach to working with late talking children (including those with ASD or Down syndrome) that focuses on developing relationships through mutual understanding.

communication board activities for special learners
Communication Board Activities for Special Learners
$71.00, Spiral Bound

Use this resource to strengthen language skills related to familiar topics and daily routines.

developing comprehension in non or minimally verbal children
Developing Comprehension in Non or Minimally Verbal Children
$57.50 Our Price - $47.50 Softcover

Recognise action words, objects, smaller parts, modifiers, “wh” words, spatial words, inferences & associations

emotions & expressions colorcards
Emotions & Expressions Colorcards
$90.99, Cards

These cards provides an opportunity to explore the likely emotions & responses shown in faces and accompanying body language.

expressive verbs colorcards
Expressive Verbs ColorCards
$65.99, Cards

48 bold, vibrant & humorous cards illustrating actions & expressions implying a range of states, reactions, intentions, emotions

familiar verbs colorcards
Familiar Verbs Colorcards
$65.99, Cards

48 bold, vibrant cards showing frequently used verbs with associated objects added to the images to give an idea of place.

functional augmentative communication training strategies
Functional Augmentative Communication Training Strategies
$113.00 Our Price - $109.95 Spiral Bound

Includes picture symbols & activities designed to facilitate basic vocabulary development

the heart masters communication cards
The Heart Masters Communication Cards
$46.50, Cards

A set of 38 playfully penned caricatures that teachers, trainers and counsellors may use to explore verbal and non-verbal behaviour.

language for living
Language for Living
$92.99, Spiral Bound (inc CD)

This unique collection of 180 enjoyable group activities aims to foster both the skills underlying communication, such as body language and awareness of others, and aspects of spoken language itself.

not just talking
Not Just Talking
$92.99, Spiral Bound
new but slightly worn

This innovative programme promotes the good use of non-verbal skills in children. It changes the lives of children in the family and at school

picture symbol language activity book
Picture Symbol Language Activity Book
$64.95, Spiral Bound

Individuals with severe communication disorders often use picture symbols to share information, answer questions, and communicate basic needs.

a picture's worth, 2ed
A Picture's Worth, 2ed
$37.50 Our Price - $31.50 Paperback

The authors co-developed the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) during many years of experience working with children with autism and now share their expertise in this easy-to-use guide.

sourcebook for adolescents through to adults with acquired communication disorders
Sourcebook for Adolescents through to Adults with Acquired Communication Disorders
$114.00, DVD

Material for both assessment & therapy, including for individuals with profound neurological impairments

tips - teaching important parenting strategies
TIPS - Teaching Important Parenting Strategies
$39.95, Paperback

Practical solutions to communication, behaviour, sensory & technology challenges community outings, etc.

webber functional communication games
Webber Functional Communication Games
$149.95 Our Price - $139.95 Game

Teach non-verbal students to communicate using Boardmaker Picture Communication Symbols