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To search for resources in our online catalogue, enter search criteria into any combination of these search fields and press the search button.

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Can't find what you are looking for?

Remember that the more specific you are, the less titles your search will return. For example, entering a full title or a several word phrase from a title will avoid you having to wade through lots of irrelevant titles. However, typing in a long and maybe incorrectly spelt title may mean you don't find a title which is in our catalogue.

If you still can't find the resource(s) you are looking for, contact us with as much information as you have and invariably we can find the resource and get it for you if we don't already have it in stock.

Search Tips

Title: Use this field if you know either the full title or some of the words in the title. e.g. typing in 'Social Skills' will return all titles containing the phrase 'Social Skills in the title.

Author: Search for all the titles by a particular author. You can search on the full name or just the surname of the author, e.g. 'Smith' would return all titles with Smith as Firstname or Lastname. 'John Smith' would return all titles with both John AND Smith.

ISBN-13: ISBN-13 is composed of 13 digits e.g. 9780333668529. Use this field to locate a title by typing in the 13 digit number.

Publisher: Find titles from a particular publisher. e.g, 'Woodbine House'. This is typically most useful in combination with another search field, e.g. if you know the author and the publisher, but not the title.

Keywords: Find titles using key words. This will search for the keyword(s) in the title and resource description. Used on its own this is the same as searching using the Search box at the top of every page. But used in combination with other search fields here it can give a more specific result.

Level: Find titles at a specific reading level, e.g. 'Reading Age 8' or '1st Grade Readability' - normally used in combination with publisher name as this categorisation varies by publisher

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