assessment of stuttering behaviours
Assessment of Stuttering Behaviours
$97.95, Kit

Here is a practical assessment tool that can be used to collect information about a child's speech fluency at school and at home.

fluency flips
Fluency Flips
$118.00 Our Price - $84.95 Ring Bound

Keep stuttering therapy moving with less prep time and fewer materials! Teach students strategies for smooth speech—plus online audio samples of the author.

fluency river
Fluency River
$130.00 Our Price - $119.95 Game

A fluency board game to help students ages 5-9 learn about stuttering & become more fluent speakers, gaining confidence by using fluency strategies.

pragmatic stuttering intervention for adolescents and adults
Pragmatic Stuttering Intervention for Adolescents and Adults
$67.50, Spiral Bound

The treatment of adolescents and adults with stuttering disorders is often a challenge for the speech-language pathologist. This book offers a pragmatic approach to the treatment of stuttering in adolescents and adults.

pragmatic stuttering intervention for children
Pragmatic Stuttering Intervention for Children
$58.95, Spiral Bound

This handy, easy-to-use volume includes the guidelines and materials you need to develop individualised stuttering intervention programs for school-age children.

who who who goes hoo hoo hoo?
Who who who goes hoo hoo hoo?
$33.95 Our Price - $25.95 Paperback

This beautifully illustrated storybook has been written for children who stutter and their parents, carers and teachers.

working with school-age children who stutter
Working with School-Age Children Who Stutter
$56.95, Softcover

Become more confident and competent when diagnosing & treating school-age children with fluency disorders