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Conflict Resolution

anti bullying handbook, 2ed

Anti Bullying Handbook, 2ed


The Anti-Bullying Handbook is an essential source of information which provides a clear...

bullying and conflict

Bullying and Conflict


Addresses bullying tactics and identifies strategies for both school and community usin...

conflict resolution discussion cards

Conflict Resolution Discussion Cards


Cards of scenarios outlining an activity leading to conflict, focussed on clashes in sc...

helping children deal with conflict

Helping Children Deal with Conflict


Includes a teaching programme of eighteen sessions that will help you to teach children...

just because i am

Just Because I Am


Warm, simple words and enchanting illustrations strengthen and support young children's...

let's talk about conflict discussion cards

Let's Talk About Conflict Discussion Cards


Enhance mental health & well-being with five carefully chosen topics around Conflict, w...

let's talk about conflict workbook

Let's Talk About Conflict Workbook


A reproducible activity workbook for developing positive mental health skills

mediation matters

Mediation Matters


Peer mediation can improve pupil's communication skills, provide an alternative to teac...

no putdowns - grades 3-5

No Putdowns - Grades 3-5


Create a safe, caring, respectful environment where physical or verbal violence is repl...

no putdowns - grades 6-8

No Putdowns - Grades 6-8


Create a safe, caring, respectful environment where physical or verbal violence is repl...

restore the respect

Restore the Respect


An easy and effective 50-minute mediation technique for teachers & students. A concrete...

the social conflict game

The Social Conflict Game


Teaches children and adolescents seven cognitive and behavioural conflict resolution sk...

the social conflict workbook

The Social Conflict Workbook


Full of interesting activities and exercises, this workbook reinforces the skills taugh...

talk and work it out

Talk and Work It Out


Children learn to calm themselves, state the problem, listen, think of solutions, try o...

we can get along

We Can Get Along


Teaching tolerance & encouraging acts of kindness through clear words & charming illust...