Growth Mindset | Motivation

the a level mindset
The A Level Mindset
$43.99, Paperback

HSC success is a result of character, not intelligence. Learn the secrets of coaching your students to grow their mindsets & their grades.

grit & bear it!
GRIT & Bear It!
$17.99, Paperback

Develop executive function skills such as planning, perseverance & risk-taking - help students avoid giving up or taking the easy way out.

grit & bear it!
GRIT & Bear It!
$17.99, Paperback

Develop executive function skills such as planning, perseverance & risk-taking - help students avoid giving up or taking the easy way out.

grit guide for teens
Grit Guide for Teens
$33.95, Paperback

When the going gets tough, it’s time to get gritty. This book will help you build perseverance, resilience, self-control, and stamina.

grow, change your mindset, change your life
GROW, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life
$29.99, Paperback

This book gives you the tools to change your mindset and so transform your life.

how to motivate your child for school and beyond
How To Motivate Your Child For School and Beyond
$19.99, Paperback

A positive, practical guide for parents who want to help their children be the best they can be at school - and beyond.

leadership is a life skill
Leadership Is a Life Skill
$48.75 Our Price - $44.95 Paperback

Go beyond basic leadership training & transform your school or classroom into one where leadership is built into the foundation

$24.99, Paperback

World-renowned psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of achievement research, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea: the power of our mindset.

mindset matters
Mindset Matters
$19.99, Paperback

Help kids in grades K-5 learn & grow and know why failing doesn't make them failures, this storybook fosters a "gonna get it done" mindset in every child.

mindsets and moves
Mindsets and Moves
$64.00, Paperback

Applies important research on effective instruction & motivation to infuse reading classrooms with a fresh breath of student independence

the motivated brain
The Motivated Brain
$39.95, Paperback

Identifies key brain-friendly strategies for improving student motivation, knowledge acquisition, retention and academic success.

motivating people
Motivating People
$73.99, Paperback

Strategies and techniques to help with one of the biggest challenges in care situations: motivating people to change their behaviour.

motivating struggling learners
Motivating Struggling Learners
$42.99, Paperback

Shows how to solve the student motivation problem & make your classroom a place where all students want to succeed.

the motivation breakthrough dvd
The Motivation Breakthrough DVD
$99.00, DVD

With empathy & understanding, this DVD gives parents and teachers the key to unlock any child's enthusiasm and responsiveness.

motivational games and activities for groups
Motivational Games and Activities for Groups
$50.99, Paperback

The exercises and activities in this resource will help you to motivate your team or the group with which you are working

puffed out
Puffed Out
$34.99, Paperback

This innovative book is full of activities & challenges designed to cultivate a growth mindset in kids

the rubber brain
The Rubber Brain
$29.95, Paperback

Make your brain more flexible & resilient. Deal with challenges & bounce back from adversity.

self-regulation in the classroom
Self-Regulation in the Classroom
$77.50 Our Price - $69.95 Softcover

Developing self-regulation is as easy as ABC: Affect (how you feel), Behavior (what you do), and Cognition (how you think).

teen's guide to getting stuff done
Teen's Guide to Getting Stuff Done
$33.95, Paperback

ACT & cognitive behavioural strategies to help recognise procrastination habits, discover strengths & motivate to reach goals.