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Motivating Students with Dyslexia: 100 Ideas for Empowering Teachers in the Classroom

$32.72  Softcover
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Gad Elbeheri

  • Motivating Students with Dyslexia

156 pages
ISBN: 9780367622367

Bursting with concise and clear advice, in this book Gad Elbeheri explores why motivation for pupils with dyslexia can drop, and how this can be addressed before it impacts on learning.

Motivating Students with Dyslexia provides a variety of ideas for improving motivation, all one hundred tried and tested, and can be applied in the classroom immediately. With a focus on enhancing the skills and the self-sufficiency of teachers, this essential resource provides:

  • An accessible summary of the theoretical groundings to motivation.
  • A clear rationale of why particular strategies should be used.
  • Advice on how to successfully plan, execute and evaluate learning at school and at home.

Ideal for teachers and SENCos around the world who are looking to improve or diversify motivation techniques for students with dyslexia, this book is a brilliant toolkit of inspiring ideas for increasing motivation among students with dyslexia at all levels of education.

Table of Contents


Part 1 Dyslexia and Motivation

  • 1.1 Dyslexia: Definition
  • 1.2 Dyslexia: Signs
  • 1.3 Motivation: Definition
  • 1.4 Motivation: Process and Types
  • 1.5 Motivation: Theories
  • 1.6 Motivation: Sources

Part 2 100 Ideas to Motivate Students with Dyslexia

  • 2.1 Motivate through Understanding Motivation
  • 2.2 Motivate through Understanding Learning
  • 2.3 Motivate through your Developing Personal Qualities
  • 2.4 Motivate through Applying Specific Strategies

"Gad Elbeheri is a powerhouse in the field of Dyslexia"
- Dr Gavin Reid, Psychologist and author