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Job Skills

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101 positive steps toward employment with autism

101 Positive Steps Toward Employment with Autism


Workbook to help break down difficult situations & prepare for employment.

asperger's on the job

Asperger's On The Job


Up to 85% of the Asperger's population are without full-time employment, though many ha...

autism works

Autism Works


People with autism are being left behind today, with only 16 per cent in full-time empl...

career training and personal planning for students with autism spectrum disorders

Career Training and Personal Planning for Students with A...


This practical training program for teachers and carers assesses ASD students’ streng...

developing talents

Developing Talents


Considers the continuing dismal employment statistics for individuals with ASD and make...

different... not less

Different... Not Less


Temple Grandin offers the world yet another great work, an inspiring and informative bo...

essentials of transition planning

Essentials of Transition Planning


A quick practical guide to the basics of transition planning for students with disabili...

explore social skills curriculum

Explore Social Skills Curriculum

A skills-based curriculum for adolescents & adults to develop an understanding of behav...

explore social skills student book

Explore Social Skills Student Book


The Student Book consists of larger versions of the cards, with self-monitoring checkli...

explore social skills teacher's manual

Explore Social Skills Teacher's Manual


Includes narratives, objectives, teacher scripts, and role play activities plus an asse...

guiding your teenager with special needs through the transition from school to adult life

Guiding Your Teenager with Special Needs Through the Tran...


This book provides practical advice and valuable information to help families prepare t...

how do i...get a job?

How do I...Get a Job?


This card game helps young people learn to understand and prepare for work experience, ...

how to succeed in employment with specific learning difficulties

How to Succeed in Employment with Specific Learning Diffi...


From advice on the best career to choose, how to live independently and working skills ...

job skills stories curriculum

Job Skills Stories Curriculum


One-hundred stories are presented in five Job Skills Stories student books plus instruc...

job-related social skills, 3ed

Job-Related Social Skills, 3ed


Evidence-based program to teach social skills that will increase the opportunity for jo...

mastering the transition process

Mastering the Transition Process


Professional training resource - provides detailed descriptions of each subject matter,...

mploy - a job readiness workbook

Mploy - A Job Readiness Workbook


Self-guided workbook for young ASD adults teaches necessary skills to enter the workfor...

planning the transition to employment

Planning the Transition to Employment


A must for transition coordinators & special educators, this book embraces the widely u...

promoting self-determination in students with developmental disabilities

Promoting Self-Determination in Students with Development...


Reviews the breadth of available methods for teaching components of self-determination ...

talkabout transitions

Talkabout Transitions


A comprehensive programme of activities designed to support young people as they make t...

vocational & transition services for adolescents with emotional & behavioral disorders

Vocational & Transition Services for Adolescents with Emo...


This book presents a comprehensive blueprint for establishing and conducting a successf...

wonderful world of work

Wonderful World of Work


This hands-on workbook demystifies the world of work to help teenagers with Asperger sy...

Job Skills

Students with Special Needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), typically need help to develop many of the skills required to function effectively and to 'fit-in' to the workplace. Like everyone, these students also have particular skills or abilities which make them more suited to some jobs than others.

These resources are focussed on helping students work out what careers and jobs they might be best suited to and to develop the specific work related social skills that are essential to functioning effectively in almost any workplace.

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