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Self-Harm & Suicide

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anger, rage, and aggression

Anger, Rage, and Aggression


Gives counsellors and educators a primer on how to support students who struggle with a...

answering the cry for help

Answering the Cry for Help


Guidelines for developing a program that promotes awareness about risks, suicide preven...

brief cognitive-behavioral therapy for suicide prevention

Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Suicide Prevention


An innovative treatment approach with a strong empirical evidence base, for suicide pre...

can i tell you about self-harm?

Can I Tell You About Self-Harm?


Describes what self-harm is, along with the wide range of behaviours that qualify, why ...

cbt toolbox for depressed, anxious & suicidal children and adolescents

CBT Toolbox for Depressed, Anxious & Suicidal Children an...


Essential cognitive & behavioural skill building activities created and honed over the...

child and adolescent suicidal behavior

Child and Adolescent Suicidal Behavior


Provides school practitioners with an evidence-based framework for preventing and effec...

creative interventions for bereaved children

Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children


Activities to help bereaved children express feelings of grief, diffuse traumatic remin...

deliberate self-harm in adolescence

Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescence


Thorough, practical and evidence-based, this is essential reading for all those working...

helping teens who cut, 2ed

Helping Teens Who Cut, 2ed


An authoritative guide for information & practical guidance about the growing problem o...

keeping our kids alive

Keeping Our Kids Alive


Help for any parent or health professional wanting to connect and communicate with teen...

luna's red hat

Luna's Red Hat


Beautifully illustrated storybook designed as a tool to be read with children aged 6+ w...

mindfulness workbook for teen self harm

Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Self Harm


Powerful mindfulness tools to help you move beyond self-harming thoughts & behaviors, a...

our encounters with self-harm

Our Encounters with Self-Harm


Inspiring, hopeful and at times challenging to read, these stories will promote underst...

positive focus

Positive Focus


Introduces alternative coping strategies to self-harm through just 6 sessions designed ...

practical interventions for young people at risk

Practical Interventions for Young People at Risk


This book responds to the urgent need for practical intervention approaches targeting y...

responding to self-harm in children and adolescents

Responding to Self-Harm in Children and Adolescents


This is a practical guide for professionals on understanding and responding to self-har...

sadness, grief, loss & suicide book bundle

Sadness, Grief, Loss & Suicide Book Bundle


Looking for picture books that help kids deal with depression or death? Save money too ...

self-harm and eating disorders in schools

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools


Provides vital guidance for school staff to spot early warning signs, understand trigge...

self-harm and self-injury: when emotional pain becomes physical

Self-Harm and Self-Injury: When Emotional Pain Becomes Ph...


Offers an in-depth look at the who, what, and why of self-harm; more accurately called ...

a short introduction to understanding and supporting children and young people who self-harm

A Short Introduction to Understanding and Supporting Chil...


An easy-to-read, jargon free and positive approach to tackle the stigma attached to sel...

suicide in schools

Suicide in Schools


Clear, step-by-step guidelines to develop and implement effective suicide prevention, a...

suicide: prevention, intervention, and postvention

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention


The tools needed to face the death of a student or staff member by suicide - provides c...

thought changing card kit for people who self-injure

Thought Changing Card Kit for People Who Self-Injure


Help clients control their self-injury & address the common emotional problems that acc...

too blue

Too Blue


An encouraging book, which tackles tough topics like suicide and depression in a clear ...

understanding & preventing self-harm in schools

Understanding & Preventing Self-Harm in Schools


Strategies to support staff in identifying, preventing & supporting those at risk from ...

working with children & young people who self-harm

Working with Children & Young People who Self-Harm


Practical and creative ideas, strategies and worksheets will help address issues underl...