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22 things a woman must know if she loves a man with asperger's syndrome

22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man with Asper...


This book will help women to understand the male Asperger's mind and equally help AS me...

22 things a woman with asperger's syndrome wants her partner to know

22 Things a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Part...


This entertaining and easy-to-read book will be ideal for anyone dating, or in a relati...

asperger's syndrome and sexuality from adolescence through adulthood

Asperger's Syndrome and Sexuality from Adolescence throug...


Practical information & advice on issues ranging from puberty & sexual development, gen...

autism spectrum guide to sexuality and relationships

Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships


This candid guide to sexuality, relationships and gender identity will help you in the ...

autism spectrum, sexuality and the law

Autism Spectrum, Sexuality and the Law


Examines how the ASD profile affects sexuality - essential reading for parents of child...

autism-friendly guide to periods

Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods


Written by autistic author Robyn Steward, this is a detailed guide for young people age...

the boys' guide to growing up

The Boys' Guide to Growing Up


This easy-to-follow guide gives boys with intellectual disabilities the facts they need...

children and young people whose behaviour is sexually concerning or harmful

Children and Young People Whose Behaviour is Sexually Con...


More than any other challenging behaviour, the sexual abuse of one child by another gen...

exploring friendships, puberty and relationships

Exploring Friendships, Puberty and Relationships


Evidence-based programme is designed to help young people on the autism spectrum to cop...

the girls' guide to growing up

The Girls' Guide To Growing Up


Easy-to-follow guide gives preteen & young teen girls with intellectual disabilities an...




The indispensable resource for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning...

helping children to learn about safer sexual behaviour

Helping Children to Learn about Safer Sexual Behaviour


A therapeutic workbook & storybook, for early intervention with children who display co...

a house for everyone

A House for Everyone


A picture book to help adults explain gender identity & expression to 4-8 year olds usi...

jamie and bubbie

Jamie and Bubbie


Helps children understand that it’s important not to assume a person’s pronouns bas...

jamie is jamie

Jamie is Jamie


is Jamie a boy or a girl? Some toys are just for girls & others are just for boys, aren...

jamie is jamie set

Jamie is Jamie Set


Children join Jamie as they learn to about down gender stereotypes, respect pronouns & ...

jamie’s class has something to say

Jamie’s Class Has Something to Say


A lighthearted, sweet story that gives young children language & self-advocacy skills t...




The indispensable resource for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning...

making sense of sex

Making Sense of Sex


This book is ideal for those who need clear, detailed explanations and direct answers t...

more secret girls' business

More Secret Girls' Business


more detailed information about puberty for older girls - physical, social-emotional ch...

providing relationships and sex education for special learners

Providing Relationships and Sex Education for Special Lea...


This book provides practical guidance for teachers and SENCOs who require the knowledge...

puberty and special girls

Puberty and Special Girls


A beautifully presented book providing practical information about the physical & emoti...

the queer and transgender resilience workbook

The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook


Learn to challenge internalised negative messages, handle stress, build a community of ...

queerly autistic

Queerly Autistic


Filled with essential information, advice, support and resources to help explore your g...

relationship building and sexual awareness for kids with autism

Relationship Building and Sexual Awareness for Kids with ...


Focuses on 4 areas with the goals of promoting positive sexuality & preventing sexual a...

the relationship cards

The Relationship Cards


48 emotive & artistic images designed to help people review the key relationships in th...

secret boys' business

Secret Boys' Business


comprehensive information about the physical, social and emotional changes to assist pu...

secret business

Secret Business

A series of very successful puberty & sexuality education books to prepare and support ...

the secret business of relationships, love and sex

The Secret Business of Relationships, Love and Sex


Prepare teens sensitively & openly for the physical, emotional & social aspects of thei...

secret girls' business

Secret Girls' Business


a gentle introduction to puberty for girls experiencing early periods: it includes phys...

sex ed on the cards

Sex Ed on the Cards


A fun, factual and LGBTQ+ inclusive resource for delivering effective, engaging relatio...

sexuality and severe autism

Sexuality and Severe Autism


This practical handbook guides you through the process of teaching about sex and sexual...

social intelligence

Social Intelligence


Explores emerging neuroscience with startling implications for our interpersonal world:...

special boys' business

Special Boys' Business


Provides practical information about growing up. It will help boys understand the chang...

special girls' business

Special Girls' Business


takes a girl and her carer step by step through the process of managing periods

taking care of myself

Taking Care of Myself


Covers all those issues that many parents have difficulty explaining to their children....

talkabout sex & relationships 1

Talkabout Sex & Relationships 1


Comprehensive toolkit for therapists, educators & support staff who deliver relationshi...

talkabout sex & relationships 2

Talkabout Sex & Relationships 2


Comprehensive toolkit for therapists & teachers who deliver sex education to people wit...

talkabout sex & relationships combo

Talkabout Sex & Relationships Combo


Comprehensive toolkit for therapists, educators & support staff who deliver relationshi...

teaching children with down syndrome about their bodies, boundaries, and sexuality

Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, ...


The author blends factual information and practical ideas for teaching children with Do...

things ellie likes

Things Ellie Likes


An accessible & positive book - helps parents and carers teach girls & young women with...

things tom likes

Things Tom Likes


This accessible and positive resource helps parents and carers teach boys with autism o...

what is menopause?

What Is Menopause?


This illustrated book provides an explanation of menopause for people with autism and s...

what is pregnancy?

What Is Pregnancy?


An illustrated book teaching adults with learning difficulties or autism about pregnancy.

what is sex?

What Is Sex?


An illustrated book teaching adults with learning difficulties or autism about sex

what's happening to ellie?

What's Happening to Ellie?


Illustrated, positive & entertaining book, an opportunity to talk about puberty with gi...

what's happening to tom?

What's Happening to Tom?


This simple resource helps parents and carers teach boys with autism or other special n...