Helping Children to Learn about Safer Sexual Behaviour: Taking Steps to Safety with Billy and the Tingles picture book

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Laura Walker, Carol Laugharne

  • Helping Children to Learn about Safer Sexual Behaviour

312 pages
Age Range: 4+
ISBN: 9781909301740

This unique resource comprises a therapeutic workbook and storybook, designed to be used as an early intervention with children within the school setting who display concerning sexual behaviour.

Although written to help professionals working with young people who display low-level sexually concerning behaviour, it can also be useful for working with older children with special educational needs (SEN) who have displayed low-level sexually concerning behaviour.

The workbook contains:

  • A series of activities with accompanying user-friendly advice including how to broach difficult subjects, how to engage with children who have additional needs and how to create conditions of safety to enable the necessary conversations and activities to happen.
  • A programme of work which culminates in the creation of a unique and dynamic Safety Plan which is developed collaboratively with the child (as the expert) together with key adults in their lives. This Plan is designed to meet the needs of the child and gives attention to their cultural context and specific likes/interests. This ultimately keeps them and other children safe from further incidents or allegations of sexually concerning behaviour.

This resource uses strength-based approaches from the field of narrative therapy. The resources in this pack have been ‘tried and tested’ and is a culmination of the authors’ combined 11 years’ experience in this field.