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To positively impact the education of children and youth, particularly those with special needs and students at risk of school failure, by providing educators, professionals and parents with practical, affordable and theoretically sound products and service.

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making maths visual and tactile

Making Maths Visual and Tactile

$33.50, Paperback

Over 50 games & activities that can help build confidence in the all important early numeracy skills

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check-in, check-out, 2ed

Check-In, Check-Out, 2ed

$115.00, DVD

The most widely implemented Tier 2 intervention for the 10-15% of students wth mild behaviour problems

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it's more than 'just being in'

It's More Than 'Just Being In'

$69.00, Paperback

Your school team's practical blueprint for making authentic inclusion happen in K–12 classrooms.

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listening and processing auditory directions

Listening and Processing Auditory Directions

$54.95, Spiral Bound

To develop attentive listening skills, good comprehension of directions & develop auditory memory skills for remembering directions.

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