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Assessing Children with Specific Learning Difficulties: A teacher's practical guide

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Gavin Reid, Gad Elbeheri, John Everatt

  • Assessing Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

208 pages
ISBN: 9780415670272

This comprehensive book provides all the information that teachers need to know about assessment in relation to their pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties. The why, how and what of assessment will be addressed, whilst the link between assessment and intervention will also be a key focus.

Looking at the full range of Specific Learning Difficulties, this book provides practical help on implementing strategies that are tried and tested for use in any classroom. The authors address issues and topics common in inclusive classrooms around the world, including:

  • Literacy and numeracy teaching
  • Motor development and co-ordination
  • Attention factors in learning
  • The key issues on learning differences
  • Self esteem and emotional literacy
  • How to enhance skills and the self-sufficiency of teachers

This book also acknowledges that assessment is a process that involves other professionals and parents and shows how to understand and interpret the needs and work of other stakeholders.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: SpLD in Context –Pointers for practice

Chapter 2: Assessment Process

Chapter 3: Teacher Assessment: Literacy

Chapter 4: Teacher Assessment: Numeracy

Chapter 5: Teacher Assessment: Movement

Chapter 6: Behavioural problems Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Emotional and Behavioural Disorders

Chapter 7: The Role of the Educational Psychologist and Teacher Assessments

Chapter 8: Recognising and dealing with Self-esteem, motivation and emotional needs

Chapter 9: Identifying and Utilising Learning Preferences and Styles

Chapter 10: Higher Education and the Workplace

Chapter 11: Developing an Assessment Framework

Chapter 12: Sources and resources – some guidance


"This book is a thorough but readable guide on the theory and practice of assessing children with specific learning difference."
- Graeme Whyte, Special Children

"This book covers the full range of specific learning difficulties and provides practical guidance in terms of assessment and implementing strategies in the classroom. […] This is a useful, timely and relevant publication."
- SEN Magazine