The Social Times Curriculum: set of books and USB drive

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Kari Dunn Buron

  • The Social Times Curriculum

Age Range: 8 to 13
ISBN: 9781942197270

Using a magazine format in full colour and standard columns within each chapter, The Social Times Curriculum is written directly to students in an engaging voice, aimed at teaching social cognition and emotional regulation in an enjoyable way that increases students’ motivation and encourages peer interaction. The Social Times Curriculum set consists of three copies of The Social Times Student Book, one copy of The Social Times Teacher Book, The Social Times Curriculum Guide, and a USB drive with downloadable materials. The Social Times Student Book is also available separately to supplement larger classes.

In each chapter, the main topic focuses on an area of social cognition that individuals across the autism spectrum, or with related social needs, might find confusing. All of the topics offer critical information for how to use social learning with peers and in the community, while making each lesson entertaining and applicable to today’s students. The accompanying USB materials include word searches, crossword puzzles, quizzes, handouts, scales, and additional activities.

Within The Social Times Teacher Book, educators will find expansion topics, ideas for take-home work, benchmarks for the various topics, and tips for sensory activities and additional practice. While the curriculum is targeted toward students ages 8 through 13, The Social Times Teacher Book suggests ways to expand the topics for older students.

The Social Times Curriculum Guide explains the research and emerging neuroscience used in creating the curriculum, as well as how to use each section of the curriculum. By providing information about evidence-based practices and 21st Century Skills, The Social Times Curriculum Guide assists teachers in achieving the social and emotional goals of students with autism spectrum disorders.

Table of Contents

Set includes:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 1 Teacher Book
  • 1 Curriculum Guide
  • USB drive with downloadable materials
  • carry bag with shoulder strap

"Kari Dunn Buron brings her considerable knowledge and expertise to bear on her most ambitious project to date, and the result is nothing short of dazzling! The Social Times Curriculum is comprehensive in scope, wide-ranging in its application across grade levels, and intelligently formatted to make maximal use of the predictability and repetition so essential to students who struggle with social understanding and expression. This must-have resource features an ingenious and multifaceted application of Ms. Buron’s fabulous 5-Point Scale, as well as superb teaching tips designed to engage students and maximize social learning. Teachers and SLPs will love this gem, and if truth be told, so will parents!"
- Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, author of How to be a Para Pro and The IEP from A to Z

"The Social Times Curriculum provides special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, therapists, and social workers a complete package for the planning and implementation of social/emotional interventions aligned with Evidence-Based Practice guidelines. The versatility of this curriculum offers differentiation for intervention for individual students, small groups, and can be conducive for social/emotional learning at a school-wide level. Teachers can effortlessly plan a year's worth of social/emotional topics with this single resource. Each chapter topic can serve the "anchor" for the weekly learning targets and the "Try It" suggestions as well as the "Teaching Tip" guidelines are designed to engage students in a variety of learning modalities. The Social Times provides an opportunity to directly teach social/emotional skills through a literacy lens. The magazine format offers a platform for students to use reading, speaking/listening and written language skills to also improve peer interaction, social engagement, self-regulation and executive function skills."
- Jill D. Kuzma, M.A., CCC-SLP, speech-language pathologist

"The original Social Times magazine was my favorite resource for teachers and parents to share with their middle and high school teenagers. Kari Dunn Buron has now compiled the best 25 issues into a single curriculum that addresses these critical concepts for students who struggle with social and emotional understanding. The Social Times Curriculum, which is fun and easy to use, contains short stories, cartoons, crossword puzzles and tips that helps students learn about relationships, emotions and themselves. All materials are included! No specialized training required! It is wonderful."
- Kathleen Ann Quill, Ed.D., BCBA-D Autism Institute, Essex, Massachusetts Author of international bestseller DO-WATCH-LISTEN-SAY