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Zombie Phone Kids

$18.14  Paperback
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Julia Cook, Michael Garland

  • Zombie Phone Kids
  • Zombie Phone Kids
    A Storybook for children about the importance of limiting screen time

31 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 11
ISBN: 9781944882921

Ricky can’t stop using his digital devices, especially his phone and me-pad, because he’s so addicted.

He doesn’t play outside. He doesn’t read books. He doesn’t even remember to feed his goldfish. His life consists only of what he sees and hears on the screens he constantly holds in front of his face… and that’s just how the BIG IDEA Company wants it! The company controls every digital message, telling kids what to like, what to buy, what to do, and even what to think!

New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Michael Garland creates a haunting, yet eerily familiar, world that reminds readers – of any age – what can go wrong when phones and other devices become all-consuming.