Social Skills Role Play Cards, Social Situations: Set 2

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Sue Jennings, Sarah Miles

  • Social Skills Role Play Cards, Social Situations

48 pages
Age Range: 4 to 16
ISBN: 9781906531751

Many young people struggle to develop friendships as they are unable to use or misinterpret cues such as expressions, body language, gesture and tone of voice to interpret other people's intentions. These fun role-play scenarios enable young people to practice and reinforce both verbal and non-verbal cues in simple scenarios and build on these with more complex interactions in social situations.

Use at school, home or in therapy, with individuals or small and whole groups.

Set 2 Social Situations - builds on Set 1 Facial Expressions & Body Language - these cards will help rehearse more complex social skills and interactions that young people will encounter at home and at school. Themes covered by these clear, fun role plays include:

  • Sharing
  • Turn-Taking
  • Saying Sorry
  • Peer Pressure
  • Jealousy
  • Assertiveness.

Examples of role-play scenarios:

'Your best friend won't talk to you. What do you say and do?'

'You are picked for the team but your friend isn't. How do you react?'

48 cards with instructions