Find Out Files - My Anger

$23.99  Paperback
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Isabelle Filliozat, Virginie Limousin

  • Find Out Files - My Anger

112 pages
Age Range: 6 to 10
ISBN: 9781433832451

This useful activity book will help kids understand that getting angry is a normal part of life. It may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but it’s OK if kids need to be mad!

Children will explore anger through fun activities coupled with humorous illustrations and will discover what it means to be angry, why it happens to everyone, and how to better handle it.

Allowing children to work through their anger will help them better understand themselves, others, and the world. It will help them establish their sense of self and self-confidence.

Includes Readers Note written for adults with information tools and tips for exploring the topic with their children.