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Rules! Rules! Rules!

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Malcolm Munene, Kyra Ostendorf, Steve Mark

  • Rules! Rules! Rules!

88 pages
Grade Readability: 3
Interest Age: 6 to 9
Lexile: 590
ISBN: 9781631987229

Empower kids with tools for respecting, questioning, and coping with rules.

So many rules! Rules are part of every kid's day, from morning to night. Sometimes those rules make sense, but too often rules can be confusing or frustrating for kids. Rules! Rules! Rules! helps young readers understand the value of rules and how following rules can lead to more independence and freedom. A recurring "What's the Reason for the Rule?" feature provides additional information about why adults set rules, how those rules can keep kids safe and healthy, and when it's okay to question rules.

Rules! Rules! Rules! is a chapter book that will appeal to kids beginning to read independently. With its humorous and light-hearted tone, the book helps kids learn why rules exist to help people stay safe and get along. It also provides tips for following and surviving all the rules: even the ones that kids don't like. Includes a glossary of terms to support vocabulary growth.

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"As a teacher and parent, helping young people understand why rules are so important is a big part of my job. Malcome Munene does a wonderful job of explaining the why behind the importance of rules in a way that makes it easy for young people to understand and connect with. I’m very grateful to have this book as a resource as an educator, and as a mom."
- Natalie Peterson, elementary school teacher, Minneapolis, MN

"I loved the book! It will really help teachers looking for social-emotional learning and parents looking for engaging material. This book is easy to follow and fun to read to help kids understand reasons for rules."
- Dustin “Russ” Russell, social studies teacher, Minneapolis, MN