Problem-Solving Situations For Adolescents

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Problem-Solving Situations For Adolescents

ISBN: 9780930951375

If adolescents are to interact effectively in social situations, they must develop strategies for solving the problems that they encounter during interactions with teachers, peers, family members, and others. This book includes worksheet activities and picture scenes that can be used to help adolescents develop problem solving skills that will make it easier for them to interact without conflict and to achieve personal goals. The book is divided into two sections:

1. Activity Worksheets. The activity worksheets each include a picture and questions related to the problem depicted. The teacher can use the worksheets to record students' oral responses to the questions listed. Students with literacy skills can read the descriptions of the problem situations and write out their answers to the questions. The worksheets can be reproduced as often as necessary for use in instructional programs.

2. Problem Solving Picture Cards. Large pictures showing each of the problem situations are included in this section. These pictures are designed for use when the activities are presented orally in a small group. Students should be seated directly across from the teacher. Questions related to the problem depicted in the picture are listed on the page opposite the picture. These questions are identical to those listed on the reproducible activity worksheets.