Fun with Sounds 3

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Sue Duggleby, Ross Duggleby

  • Fun with Sounds 3
  • Fun with Sounds 3
    This fun resource helps children with their speech development and encourages the production of specific speech sounds.

Age Range: 4+
ISBN: 9780863889769

Designed to help children with the development of their speech sounds

This is the third pack in this popular and versatile series and focuses on the sounds 'l',' 'sh','ch','j','r','th'. There are 12 boards and matching cards for the sounds at the beginning and end of words, with an additional set of cards for further games such as snap or pairs. The featured sound is highlighted in red and there are suggestions in the booklet for a number of different games that can be played, which will not only encourage speech production and vocabulary development, but also listening and turn taking skills.

  • Encourages the child to listen for sound in a word
  • Encourages correct production of specific speech sounds in words containing the target sounds
  • Increases sound awareness which is vital for literacy
  • Improves turn taking skills
  • Extends vocabulary.

2 sets of 108 playing cards, 12 A5 lotto boards and an instruction booklet.