Comprehending Descriptive Language

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Jean Gilliam DeGaetano

  • Comprehending Descriptive Language

66 pages
Age Range: 7 to 10
ISBN: 9781886143333

Descriptive words (modifiers) are very important words in identifying and explaining information. Knowing the meaning of descriptive words is essential to comprehending directions, conversations, reading comprehension, etc. The activities in this book have two purposes: (1) to expand the students vocabulary of descriptive words and (2) to have the students recognize how important descriptive words are to language comprehension. This book provides two techniques to assist students in learning more descriptive words and in recognizing the importance of descriptive words.

The first technique, which is phrase completions, is usually easier than attempting to identify pictures by only hearing their isolated descriptive words.

The second technique is to identify pictures while only hearing isolated descriptive words.

By first using the easier technique and then reinforcing the descriptive words through use of the second technique, the descriptive modifiers can be more easily mastered. Varying the techniques should increase the student's attention to the task.

The book is divided into three sections that increase in difficulty with each section. Directions are provided for each section on the instructor's page.

  • Section 1

There are two pictures. The student must choose the correct picture that is being described and circle that picture.

  • Section 2

There are four pictures but only three descriptive words/phrases. The student must choose and number the correct three pictures.

  • Section 3

There are eleven pictures and ten descriptive words/phrases. The student must choose the correct ten pictures and put the number for the matching descriptions under each picture.