Visual-Spatial Learners: Differentiation Strategies for Creating a Successful Classroom

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Alexandra Shires Golon

Visual-Spatial Learners
169 pages
ISBN: 9781593633240

Looking for ways to differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of gifted visual-spatial learners?

Visual-spatial learners are students who show advanced abilities with computers, maps, construction toys, and puzzles. These students think outside the box and demonstrate tremendous empathy and compassion. Too often, traditional classroom teaching strategies do not meet the needs of these students. By incorporating visual-spatial strategies to help students learn, you can more effectively reach every student. The techniques outlined within these pages help all learners succeed: regardless of their preferred learning style.

The author provides a number of strategies to help make your classroom a successful learning environment for all learners. These strategies address preparing students to succeed on timed tests; easing the pain of handwriting; teaching spelling using imagery; incorporating mnemonics, rhyme, and other tricks that engage the right-hemisphere of the brain; helping students stay focused and on-track; getting and keeping students organised; and much more!