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Draw On Your Emotions book and The Emotion Cards

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Margot Sunderland, Nicky Armstrong

  • Draw On Your Emotions book and The Emotion Cards

192 pages
Interest Age: 6+
ISBN: 9780815394518

Combined set of Draw on Your Emotions and The Emotions Cards.

Draw on Your Emotions is a bestselling resource to help people of all ages express, communicate and deal more effectively with their emotions through drawing. Built around five key themes, each section contains a simple picture exercise with clear objectives, instructions and suggestions for development. The picture activities have been carefully designed to help ease the process of both talking about feelings and exploring life choices, by trying out alternatives safely on paper. This will help to create clarity and new perspectives as a step towards positive action.

The second edition of Draw on Your Emotions contains a new section that explains how to get the most out of combining the activities in the book with these cards to encourage meaningful conversations and take steps towards positive action.

The Emotion Cards are 48 emotive and artistic images designed to help people to review their emotions and their relationships in a meaningful and often transformative way. The cards are designed to capture the deeper truth of how people experience their life, offering poignant descriptions for what someone may be feeling.

Table of Contents

Draw On Your Emotions book:

  1. Your Life
  2. Your Feelings
  3. The Things Which Make Life Difficult
  4. The Precious Things in Life
  5. Feelings About the People in Your Life

The Emotions Cards:

  • 48 picture cards each with an image and short caption covering different emotional states
  • Short booklet covering suggested usage of the cards and guidance around integrating the productive longer term counselling provided in the linked book, Draw on Your Emotions
  • Captions and booklet translated into German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese
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